some of my Billbergia seedlings

allan4519(10a, Northern NSW Australia)February 24, 2010

Hi all, just some seedlings of Billbergia domingos martins coloring up, due to running out of food. Most of the siblings which have flowered have had excellent flowers,

Will take some of these pots to the Gold Coast Society meeting this week end for those interested in seeing them in the flesh. Allan Ladd, Northern NSW Australia.

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Very nice Allan; and about time you showed up at the Coast meeting! See ya there.

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Hey Allan - NICE!!!! It seems that Bill. Domingos Martins is a pedigree parent - never seen a dud from it yet.
Looking forward to the weekend Show of Flesh.

K :)

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Hi Allan,

Always interesting to see new hybrids. I like the top right one with the dark underside and distinct horizontal banding and would love to see another pic when it colours up completely.

"Long live the hybridizer"

All the best, Nev.

P.S. You must have a sympathetic milkman to provide you with the nice maroon plastic bench supports. "The Aussie builder's best friend", the instant scaffold/work bench etc. at least 2 in every ute"

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I like, I approve. Can we get some closeups? :)

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Hi Allan, those sure are some nice seedlings. That deep coloured plant (right side 1st pic) the one with DM's silver banding is looking great.
I'd like some close ups too...keen to see if they have DM's big dark spines.
Cheers, Andrew.

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Hi Allan

I am also partial to the dark number on the right! Its a keeper.



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allan4519(10a, Northern NSW Australia)

Hi bromaholic, only missed two meetings, would think I had left see you there and bring up some prettys???
Kerry the flesh is good looking, I tell you! surprised how easy it is to produce a quality plant from B.DM see you soon..
Nev, Chris, Andrew ok you win here are the same plants side on;

The second lot of 3 pots;

Dennis there are heaps of dark seedlings out of this cross and their flowers are also quite choice, will do a hybrid with B. DM with some of the dark red B. eupheme v. purpurea seedlings I have and am sure they will out do this lot......
Thank you all, your make me blush..... must leave as am all embarrassed......... allan

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I like them dark purple ones. I like a lot!

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Agreed. Those banded purples are great. It took me a bit to realize that there were multiple seedlings in each pot. Makes a nice pot with the different plants in each one.

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Ditto the above 2 comments!!!

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bromeliaddict(z6 MI)

It looks like you've got a whole Billbergia collection with that cross! That banded purple one (right side of the top photo in both sets) looks like something really special. Congrats!


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I agree those are very nice, Allan. I never would have guessed Georgia as the other parent!

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