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bromaloonieFebruary 10, 2009

Alot of shiney wet colourful neos...LOL

It has rained again today and ive been out admiring the broms. (its been a while)

thought i would bring them inside for you to see too...hahaha

some are named and some unknown and some i cant think of on the top of my head so will just put names in where i know them.



3.don woodlandini x

4.Johannis De big beautiful fella

5.Pimento and Jaws albo ?dont they look stunning together

6.Mr goreous is that polished timber look

7.Passion....the apple of my

8.Purple Star....what a beauty...pwharrrrrr

9.Plum Good....she good alright...seriously hurts ya eyes shes that darn bright

10.Georges Prince, a special gentle one

11.Bill morris, Kautskii, Grace red...lookin mighty fine

12.Mad Max

13.Mauve Star....just stunning at the moment

14.a group hug...LOL

  1. a big group hug.....hahahaaaa

16.could find the tag but a soft gentle one i love today

17.its all about texture with this handsom guy named Johanis vulcan , but may not be the guy

18.Thunder Cloud...yummmmm yum

19.another group shhot

  1. and another...just cant help myself

There yas go...that should do it for now...i have more but the amount of pics included here are frightening....LOL

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Superb collection of neos ! Do you have any vrieseas as well? Never get tired of seeing pics of your well grown babies.

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Ahhhh yes I sure do have some Vriesias
I am falling for them as the weeks pass by and building my collection of those also
I have a lovely platynema? and a glutenosa? and a gigantica? I also have one on hold at a friends place that i need to pick up which is huge....and lots of other green leafy ones that have nice spikes like purple cockatoo and those kinda ones
Oh and I have red chestnut, fosteriana, and a Hawaii?and ive just purchased today a Kiwi cream...nummm nummmmm
Im shocking with the spelling of them so please forgive all the spelling hiccups, these are all just typed from the top of my head
One day maybe i can show you all my vriesias, as there are plenty more but these ones just come to mind at the minni

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You continue to amaze me with your lovely plants, please keep them coming!



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Very well grown plants. Have you taken off any pups yet on your Neo's? Picture #1 looks like 'rain cloud' and #16 could be a young 'two-tone'

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paul_t23(Coastal Sydney)

Hi bromaloonie. Beautiful - terrific colours and shapes ... but can't see any signs of sun-stress! You must have that system of yours working just right.

I love seeing pictures like this - means I have to keep playing around trying different things to see if I can get mine looking as good! Cheers, Paul

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Yes Hdd, I have taken pups, im getting quite a collection of pups...LOL
Im looking at scattering some round the garden soon as im finding little hidy holes round this place where i can put some to make more room in the brom house. I have had friends ask me to sell some and to them I have done so.I do some swapping also to build a wider collection.Ive started putting little price tags on them for when i have friends over and one day soon i will have another sale and invite them all round...even trying to get up the guts to have a "bromeliads for sale today" sign at my im not ready for that at all

The one you say as two tone i have gone out on search for that tag as i know i bought it from ebay with a tag and it says AF 45...which to me means Allen freeman 45?...dont know what the 45 stands for though!I love it all the same anyhow I reckon you could be right on the rain cloud one!I love it

Hi Paul, thats right, there is no sun damage not at all...mainly due to there being NO sun up here in the tropics with all this ruddy rain...LOL...but on days of sun there is definately no sun damage. I am starting to see little areas of broms that are just starting to lose a tad of colour but i dont mind that at all

just popping in to show a few more pics that i said i took
1.Stars n bars and Africa maybe?

2.Heart Music, Allen freeman hyb and gespacho


4.Hommage and cherry day shot shot

7. group shot shot

9. and 10. are first attempts of chucking a few in new garden beds...looks a little silly and boring but maybe one day they will be better

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You've got some great Neos. Any Aechmeas?

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yep yep...have quite a few aechmeas, i love the tall flowers and the different kinds of flowers that aechmeas have. One thing i love most about aechmeas is the way they LIKE the sun and dont burn like some vriesias and neos do.
I have a fave aechmea called true blue, have no idea if its real name is that but thats what i bought it as and its a true blue to
I will show its flower one day and you guys can be the judge. Ive never looked it up on that florida site actually...when im in there again i must remember to have a squiz
Cheers Germaine

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