new cybisters

hairy3(zone 7)October 16, 2007

Hi Everyone

Forgot about these, what do you think??

This one is a lot like Chico, but a lovely colour, the edges of the leaf have got a nice red edge to them as well

This one reminds me a lot of Ruby meyer, but the colouring is completely different

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Hairy3...What are their names? I like the first one. I am just new to cybisters and am just starting collecting them. Royal Colors has some new varieties too like Night Star, Residence (double cybister!),Rio Negro and Bogota. I ordered all of them and should be coming middle of November hopefully.

You are a tease... :-)

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hairy3(zone 7)

No names yet. I am thinking about naming them after a couple of polish girls I work with, not too sure yet. Good to hear your thinking about the cybisters, they can be a bit tricky, but well worth it. I havent got Night Star and residence just yet (I think I spent up this year, I havent told my wife how many bulbs I really have got tucked away !!)
I did get Rio Negro last year

Also Bogota

and last but not least my favourite Misty

There you are Mariava, I think I may have teased you more than enough for one night.

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Interesting. The cybisters are very nice, but when it comes to color differences, they are not too distant from each other. They start to come out with a lot of cybister varieties that look very close to something out there already. I don't like it. it is the same as coming out with new red or white varieties. How can you tell the difference? Most of the time you can't, even the growers wouldn't be able to... So why? I'd say they should register varieties that are clearly unique.
I have seen small pictures of Cyber Queen and Tarantula. If they truly look like their pictures. I will be excited to get them.
I will buy Bogota from Royal Colors this year most likely, but Rio Negro on their site and on Ludwig's site looks completely different from yours.

What would I give though if my Misty bloomed for me at all. But I'd be very happy if it looked like your picture... Maybe time will tell.

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Oh yes you did Hairy3!!! Thank so much for those pics. It is nice to know what's coming my way. I have ordered a Misty too from JS.

I was just wondering why the first 2 pics have no name. Why?

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I love the photos Hairy3. They really are gorgeous. Are the first two your own crosses? If so what are the parent plants?
I have a few seedlings growing at the moment and after seeing your pics. they are definatly worth the wait.

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Beautiful cybisters!
I like them:D

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Nice photographs of nice looking flowers! I think Bogota is my favorite cybister. Rio Negro, Night Star and Residence are also very lovely. I'm not a huge fan of Chico because it reminds me of a spider, and I hate spiders! Judging by the seedlings people are growing, the cybisters appear to breed easily enough... it looks like I will have to add a few to my ever-expanding collection!

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Chico reminded me of a burstig fireworks on the sky. I did not think of a spider for a second. They say it is spidery, but there is nothing alarming in its look, and it is really interesting how the flowers just burst open and you don't even know if they are flowers or what... I liked it a lot. I wish it bloomed a little later when it was out of the cardboard boxes, so I could have seen it in its full glory.

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It does kind of look like fireworks... when I look at it in the catalog photos, it just doesn't do anything for me... but when I see pictures posted by a real person who grew it, it looks better. A lot of the Hippis are like that to me... just ok in catalogs, but really nice in reality.

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The cybister displayed in the very first picture is H.cybister "Reggae". It is gorgeous! And the others are stunning too. Pretty introduction! Thank you for sharing Andy!

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Ohhhhh...So that is Reggea. Thanks for IDing Sir Hans. I WANT one of this.

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I am eyeing Reggae for a while now. I only saw it offered by one retailer in the US, so I am a little weary to order. When there is only one person offering a variety, there is not much opportunity to compare and see if they are really true to name.

I might still order it this year, just because it is Reggae. :o) The other one I am really interested in is Rosario. I am not too keen on pink varieties, but Rosario's flower looks like a plastic plant. It is really interesting.

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Reggae is the cybister with the deepest red!
As if it were a hint of the fate, some hours after I wrote my "identification message" above, I went to the local supermarket, which has a floral department at its front, and I inspected their offers as usual and, what did I find... one potted Reggae plant which had just opened the flowers on the first scape. I had never seen one before except on photos, but I recognized it, instantly. What a brilliant, deep ruby red! (Not the burgundy red of H.papilio) The intense color being sharply cut in the lower half of the flowers and replaced by a pale green. I must admit that I HAD seen this plant and another potted cybister there one week before, both carrying green buds, but they were tagged with an incorrect label which displayed a pale bloom of a cybister HYBRID...
Now, what a revelation, what a luck! And, I purchased this little thing for silly 2.90 Euro... (Photos will come sooner or later)

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In this photo from last spring Rio Negro is left of center, Exotic Star is in the foreground, with my own cross in the back.

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hairy3(zone 7)

Hi Haweha
Maybe a bit of confusion here.
I bought this as reggae, and these are what are for sale around the different companies

The very top cybister has not been released yet, it was sent to me as Merenque, which it clearly not.
Interested to hear your views

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The cybister in the picture above is not a clone of the species H.cybister like "Chico" and "Reggae" but a hybrid, as can easily concluded from the far broader lower segments right and left. Beautiful, but I do not knowe its name... ummh... YET! *g*

The bases and pedicels of the flowers of that very first cybister carry the typical extremely dark color, like Reggae. The extremely narrow segments do suggest that it is not a cybister hybrid but H.cybister itself. If NOT Reggae then a sibling...
Btw what does "not yet released" mean in this context?!

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hairy3(zone 7)

Hi Haweha.
Just had a look at other pictures around the net, and unfortunately for me, you are probably right on your ident. Which is bad for me. I had bought a batch of bulbs, labelled as Reggae nearly 3 years ago, which is the last picture I posted, the question now is, what variety is it ? Any ideas?
I concur with you, the first picture is Reggae.
It gets very frustrating when bulbs are bought only to be completely different !!
I need to get a complete ident sorted with the bulbs I have bought over the last few years. I have just applied for the National Colection of Hipeastrum Hybrids, here in the UK. So I need to be sure what varieties are definitely what.
Thanks haweha, I may need your skills again !! If your allright with that.
PS Any idea what variety the 3rd picture could be?

many thanks

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Is that possible that there are two completely different Rio Negros out there? One from Meerow and one from Ludwig?
The pictures of the two Rio Negros are stunning, yet, they bear the same name:

Ludwig Rio Negro
Currently sold on Royal Colors

Meerow? Rio Negro
Picture taken from US National Arboretum's site

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Hi Soultan
I belive they are two different ones. Mr Meerow's
is H. Rio. Is his on the market yet? The last time
I spoke with him he was contracting a company in california
to mass produce his introductions.

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Howdy soultan,
I don't recognize the one from Royal Colors as anything I have grown. The Rio Negro in my posting is about 5 years old. I don't remember its source.

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The one from Royal Colors is Ludwig's Rio Negro that has officially been introduced to the market in 2007 and won several prizes. If you go to their web site, you can read about it. So I guess, your Rio Negro was here before, that might have been created by mr. Meerow, but it seems like that Ludwig is more vigilant advertising its Rio Negro, so this might be the winner of the two later on... I don't really like when they come up with same name for different flowers... I am even aggitated by the millions of Pinks out there. There are at least 10 varieties that are Pink something. Pink Star, Pink Impression, Pink Surprise, Pink Baby, Pink Blossom. These are so non-descript names that one cannot really identify the flowers to them. At least Pink Nymph is memorable, but all these others?
So I don't really understand Ludwig Coming out with a new flower with an already taken name. Isn't there a registry for this?

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It seems that there are 3 different kinds of "Rio"s. Alan Meerow's hybrid is US patented as "H. Rio". Hadeco has an "H. Rio" which is a red-white double symphony. Ludwig's is officially called "H. Rio Negro". Rivers all over the world...

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Maria, Hadeco's flower is not called Rio Negro. It is called Rio. That is different. I wouldn't say that Rio is the same as Rio Negro.

Also, there is a red/dark burgundy variety called Rembrandt, and there is the new Rembrandt van Rijn. Obviously, they at least, added something to Rembrandt to make it different, but Rio Negro and Rio Negro ARE the same.

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Things are becoming too confusing to me *g*

At least, I can show a picture of my little "Reggae" treasure right now. The 2nd stem carries 5 buds!

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Soultan...I said, both Hadeco's and Meerow's hybrids are both called "H.Rio"!

Sir Hans...That Reggea sure is a treasure. Why call it little? What is the bulb size and flower size?

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When I saved Meerow's(?) picture, it was labeled as Rio Negro, not as simple Rio. I only know Hadeco's double called "Rio."

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Oh well...I am just basing my statements according to what I read in Veronica Read's book. She was talking about Alan Meerow's works in hybridizing. And she stated this,

"In 1999 The University of Florida released 3 of these with US Patent protection: H.'Bahia', H.'Rio' and H.'Sampa', a semi-dwarf with6-8 blooms per scape and in some cases up to 10."

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The Ludwig's "Rio Negro" is a cybister hybrid which is strongly papilio influenced, and it is displayed on their website:

Here is a link that might be useful: Ludwigamaryllis

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You can find a direct picture of the variety up on this site.
you have the book, so you must have the right information. I saved the picture from the US National Arboretum's site, and it is known to have mislabelings and problems and had not been updated for years, so maybe them labeling Meerow's flower Rio Negro is the mistake.

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"Reggae" and "RioNegro" in Question, should actually be "Tiramisu".
I refer to ihe Picture under
"I did get Rio Negro last year"
"I bought this as reggae"

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Such an old thread.
Thanks for clarification Sir Hans and bumping this up.
It brings up so much cherished memories.

I hope that you are happy and sorrounded by beautiful amaryllis flowers...somewhere.

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Plz! No Titles - if I get that Guy into my fingers that they brought this up; well then I shall tell them something xDxDxD :P

Nevertheless I proudly present my own "First-generation" Cybisters, from "Chico" x H.papilio. The following two seedlings, #3 and #7, are simply outstanding and I am now,imploring the fate, to have the inter-siblings' Crosspollination "TAKE(OFF)" PllllllZ xD


#3 Two scapes,4 and 5 floretsrespectively

The flowers of thzese are Yummy. The electronic display fails to reproduce the strength of the color, burgundy red. Note, that the "weakest" Tepal which is the lowermost "Tongue" partially covered by the Filaments, shows off, such a nice subtle venation, even. As regards the Filaments, they are uncommonly thick in #7.

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WOW!! You must be jumping for joy!! I know I would be!! They are both outstandingly beautiful!!

Do you have an album of your Chico x papilio or papilio x Chico seedlings that have bloomed that you and could you send a link to us? I and I'm sure many others would love to see all the results of the pairing of these two varieties. I have seen some of your others but these are simply the best!

This is such a simple cross that any one of us can make!! I am left with about 4 surviving seedlings of papilio x Chico that I can hardly wait to see! I have a fresh supply of Chico's pollen, now I just have to hope one of my papilios will deign to bloom in the near future.

I put some of my "PapExStasy" pollen ( pap x Exotic Star) on my rootless Chico..I'm hoping for the best but on a rootless bulb I don't expect much to happen. That's the closest I can come to pap pollen at the moment.


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"Chico" is actually capable of producing seeds from their bulb yet w/out roots.
Do not tell nobody that I have been too lazy, to create a File/Folder for each Seedling w/in the balcony box (14 seedlings). Only the seedlings that are in one or more property "conspicuiozus" are in my mind.
The 3rd "spectacular" seedling resides in another container, 4 seedlings that I had fortunately rescued rather than discarding them when the Balcony box was "full up" by 14 Seedling bulbs - (#15 to #18 if you will)
#15 is:

You guess that I feel fortunate to not have discarded them "last 4 seedlings". And again you can see how pretty the "Tongue" is, so subtlely veined.

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Now I shall show you what.
Namely, the respective Maiden BloomZ of
#15 and of #7
which means, that, in order to take the picture, I placed the extra-container and the Balcony box close together.
YES it is #15, LEFT, and #7 RIGHT.

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Don't mind him Sir Hans.
He is just jealous.

This forum has been our "home" since it was formed by Gardenweb. Without yours and other's invaluable contributions, this forum will not be what it is now.

People who criticize and don't contribute should be regarded are simply... "pests".
Bring him in here and we'll take care of him! LOL

Beautiful and exceptional hybrids as always.
More power to you...SIR HANS!!!

This is what I can share today.
One of my hybrids of the smaller flowered star shaped cybisters.
Grown and bloomed in Australia by a dear friend in just 2 years and a few months from planting seeds.

Machala X Evergreen

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Hans I am in complete AWE!! Thank You for posting all these inspiring and gorgeous pictures!! Pollinate on everybody....!

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I did, Donna! However, as some People might already have experienced from "Jungle Star" and from "Lima", these primary Species Hybrids, from H.cybister and H.papilio, do not produce seeds as easily; the bulk of seedpods will abort. I am in good Hope AS REGARDS the pollination FR�M #3 on a weaker, YET very appealingly colored, Sibling though, namely #5. Here it is:

Produced 2 Scapes, 3 and 4 Florets respectively

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That's The Best.
Haweha, they are pretty excellent!

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Thank you for your Input! Regrettably, H.papilio causes, in their progeny with H.cybister,"fading" of color towards the tips of the Tepals. I am not all-too happy with that.

I favorize it when the venation "goes throughout" as it does AS PERFECTLY in "Exotic Star".

I have ONE seedling, #2 where venation is perfect...IF forced outdoors, under natural light so-to-speak:



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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

Dear Hans-Werner,

Once again you have exceeded expectations. I can always count on you to brighten up a day with photos of your magnificent creations.

Well done! I can hardly wait the 2 years for my Rosado x Papilio and Bogata x Papilio to bloom.

Kindest regards,

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lenanen(z3 Finland)

Amazing and inspirational! Thank you so much for the pictures. I hope you still have room for the next generations...

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Wonderful, Hans! Beautiful blooms!

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To all who read and enjoy. I have a sudden feeling, some of my pictures might celebrate an undesired Reproduction on E*A* - exploited by People that these are notorious for fooling the customers, to buy their cr*p, sh*t and stuff. Please notify me, and then I shall embrangle these Vendors in some, what do I say, a lot of surprisingly unpleasant communication xD :P

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*swoon* Such beautiful crosses! I just adore cybister crosses... I find their shape more pleasing and "exotic" than most other hippies (papilio, of course, has its own amazing shape). One of these years I'll successfully make crosses of my cybisters. Hopefully I'll also manage to find a true papilio that I can get to bloom! You provide tremendous inspiration, Hans!

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Thank you!
My separate cubic container, 10 Liters with #15 to 18,
JUST starting to bloom. 2 Scapes from each bulb, this is fabulous, and a tiny offset with an even tinier scape which makes a total of 9 Scapes.

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*swoon* So many gorgeous flowers! What a perfect way to end my evening. I'll go to bed dreaming of some of the most gorgeous blooms in existence! -Tina

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I agree with you they are gorgeous! Surprisingly I was not initially a fan of cybisters but now I am they have grown on me.


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I have grown orchids for a number of years and I've always been attracted to some of the "weirder" types of flowers... the spidery blooms of Brassias and the different flower shapes within the Paphiopedilums... I suppose it's only natural that I would gravitate toward cybisters among the wide variety of hippeastrums! -Tina

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Thank you! Before I show next pictures - does anybody detect the very tiny scape? It is just revealing two florets (ONLY), which is the first occasion that I see a Papilio-cybister Hybrid doing that. The reason is that this bulblet produced their scape obviously very prematurely.

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The one on the right? I did notice it but thought it just hadn't grown to it's full height yet so I never gave it another it out yet?

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Hmmm... I think it is the little bulb to the right of the square, blue pot. You can see the blush of the base of the scape, it's pushed to the edge of the pot... the top of the scape peeks out from behind the larger scapes. I'd like my prize now haweha... more pictures of gorgeous flowers! -Tina

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Hmmm.. I think I see the scape now Tina but, where is the bud? Is it the one peeking out near the string?..Donna

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Indeed the base of the "envelope" (2 florets inside) is at the height of the green strings.

The forthcomings are pictured in the link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: New Cybisters Continued

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Google "Sampa Bahia RIO Univ Fl" Choose entry- "Amaryllis and alstroemeria"to see Dr Allan Meerrows creations.

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The possibilities are endless.
Be bold, reach for the sky and try new crosses.
We'll never know unless we try.

These were created in Japan (not my pic).
I am soooo loving these new flower shapes, colors and form.

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And here is another one that I have saved in my picture files for years now. Also another hybrid from Japan and if I remember right, my Japanese friend told me that this is named as "Dracula". I think it is a Komoriya hybrid and it looks like it has bigger flowers than most cybister hybrids. It's got tall and strong scapes likewise. Love it!!!

This post was edited by mariava7 on Sat, Feb 9, 13 at 23:13

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