Blue Pea Flower

toucan(9)December 10, 2012

Anyone grow this Blue Pea Flower in Phoenix? It is gorgeous. I saw it growing in Hawaii and I understand that is originated from India. Not exactly sure where to get seeds, but was wondering if it would work here.

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Actually i did grow it from seed one year and it bloomed but did not survive the winter. It is indeed a beautiful flower and it also comes in white. This is usually grown in temple compounds in India.

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So it survives our summer? Did you have it in full sun. I don't mind it dying in the winter, but summer here is over 6 months long.

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Yes summer was no problem, i had it in a pot in the patio. It is a vine so needs some support. Do you have the seeds by any chance?

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grant_in_arizona(USDA Z9 Scottsdale AZ)

Hi everyone,

I love these Clitoria ("butterfly pea) flowers too. I grew the white form for a couple of years here and like Nycanthus said, they did fine in the summer. I think they're pretty good summer vines here. Mine got afternoon shade and regular water and did quite well. It's neat to hear it's a temple flower in India--thanks for sharing that!

Here's a pic from my picasaweb photo albums. Happy gardening all!

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kccav(z9 AZ)

I've been growing these for a while. Sometimes they dieback to ground then comeback up in spring. They produce lots of seed pods to plant for next spring if plant does not grow back in spring.I notice that the Pea vines that do make it through the winters each year seem to produce more abundant amount of flowers each following spring season.

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