Long waiting Hohen. bloom in my garden.

udo69February 8, 2009

Hi All,

This winter in Thailand, the weather is very very cold. So many plants are pushed to flower.

Last week when I walked around my shade cloth and saw something happan to my Hohenbergia corriea araujoi. It's a big surprise. My Hohen. lady is awaken. She has bloomed....LOL. I got this plants nearly 10 years ago. I think I won't see its flower.

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Hi udo69 - Wow! what a plant, and what a fantastic shade house you have.

How big is it? It looks enormous. Is it a profesional nursery or just your private collection?

Sorry for all the questions but it is just so mouth-watering to look at.

All the best, Nev.

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You said it Nev....LOL
you said exactly what I was thinking
I could pitch a tent in that heaven and happily live there ever after....hahahaaaaa
Udo, what a lovely flower coming on....how exciting
do they normally take 10 years to flower?????...omg...shocked

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Hi Nev and Germaine,

Thank for the comment. I am a vigorous collector. I've sold and traded some plants sometoimes but not a trader.

In Thailand, Almost plant enthusiasts collect plants since they was very young. When they grow up. Their colletion also enlarge. I also collect plants since I was very young descended from my father. He is an orchid collector. My interest was expand to many varieties of plants but Bromeliads are my fevorite. I collect broms > 10 years.

In the middle of last year,sadly, my previous shade house was destroyed by summer strom. I'm not a loser. Hang in there you gonna be alright;-). Eventually, I started buliding my new shade house. It was built at the end of last year. It is about 1,800 square meters. It is one and a half of the previous one. Now it nearly fulls of plants. I'm also a hybridizer. I hybridize my own plants like Lisa and others. It's a difficult task but I love to do so.


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Ohhhh Yong, you inspire me
my first reaction is......."marry me"......hahahheheeeeee...LOL

You have done so well, I wanna be just like you when i grow up...LOL
Looking forward to seeing any other pics of yours in the future

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