WANTED: Lrg.Flowered Heurnia Keniensis, Any one?

floridabear(10b)January 2, 2008

I posted the other large Huernia posting...and I found out that the one I had a label on it,Huernia 'Keniesis'. I saw pictures of the flower online while searching for this Large Huernia flower. I found several pictures with THIS name on it. It was a self cross, and another was a Keniesis crossed with something else,and it made a BIG red bumpy flower. Both were very large flowers for this type of Huernia.

Anyone have any type of Huernia that sprawls out with the long 'peanut shaped' stems, like this type of Huernia? With a BIG flower on it. And would be willing to trade or swap or somehow get some cuttings to me. Not the tiny flowered one, like the common one that everyone has, but the big flowered,up to a quarter in size.

Textured or even a smooth interior would be great! I can grow Huernias so easily, especially this type. Anyone have something like this? PLEASE!!! I lost nearly all my Stapelias and this is one of the survivors, so I bought this Keniesis and it turned out to have a large red bumpy flower..much to my surprise. AND It was suppose to be yellow! A cross called 'Nova'. If anyone has this color of Huernia, that is yellow flowered, that would be great to!

Any fellow Huernia lovers/growers willing to trade,donate, sell, postage, anyway to increase my colletion. Thank you.

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