WANTED: Devil's backbone/Zigzag plant - Pedilanthus tithymaloide

anna_z7(the twilight...)January 3, 2010

Had a beautiful one years ago and would like to try again :) Will consider additional trade(s) for other interesting items - tempt me!

Prefer variegated but either is fine

Have to trade:

rhipsalis/mistletoe cactus cuttings root very easily

kalanchoe/mother of thousands/alligator plant purplish green var.

epi strictum/night blooming cereus - rooted cutting - white flower pointy petals pink stamen - worth the wait(limited - 1 or 2 only)

Stapelia hirsuta/carrion flower - rooted cuttings may have 2 as I've promised others - not too stinky very interesting flowers

pregnant onion/Ornithogalum caudatum - bulblets may be even rooted bulbs

I try to be accurate but sometimes I feel like a mother who has forgotten her children's names - if you need to be sure, I can send a picture :)

happy planting!!

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anna_z7(the twilight...)

just realized the very thing that has me thinking of plants may hinder shipping of succulents - BRRRRRR!! It's cold!! Can put off shipping until spring/warmer weather but please contact me if you wish to set up a future trade :)

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Hi Anna
I have the variegated type... white, pink and green colors. I think I have the Green and white one also... but I'd have to check.
It's a small one, but I'd be happy to send you a few pieces. I'm sure just waiting a few weeks for this cold snap to retreat a bit would be fine.
Do you have a picture of your Rhipsalis? It's just that it's such a common name used for many differene rhipsalis.
Do you like the Kalanchoe? I can send you different types too.

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