'Greatness' and 'Rebel'

dondelduxOctober 30, 2010

Hi, Just though you might like to see what has bloomed for me now from the Maguire's order. Yesterday Rebel was a 6 1/2" flower today its 7" across. And, Greatness, just love this one, only 2 flowers on the first scape, each a little different, and another scape is coming...


Greatness first flower...

second flower...

and Rebel...

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They're beautiful :)

I've noticed the use H. pardinum a lot in their breeding program.

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They are beautiful...very very pretty....thank you for posting.

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I love them please keep the pictures coming.


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e36yellowm3(7 Raleigh, NC)

Donna, nice pictures! I think it's interesting how different your two Greatness blooms are. I love that bulb - the color is more like a cream rather than white. Alana

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Alana, The first Greatness is without a flash and the second is with a flash... but the pattern on the two flowers is noticeably different, I know. I had a second stalk on the bulb and just today at 5" long the stalk shriveled. I opened it up and there would have been 3 more flowers...too bad, as I couldn't wait to see how they would have looked. Oh well, two nice flowers is better than none...! There is always next year and I do love this variety and yes, it is a cream bacground rather than white different and nice...!


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Noni Morrison

Rebel is darned close to "My Picotee". What fun it is seeing each of these Autralian Ammies bloom..each is like opening a new Mystery book!

Hubby got the heater hooked up in my greenhouse yesterday (Whew!) so maybe I will have more coming soon. I think I have a couple of buds up but forget what they are. "Anita" is about to re-bloom from last year.

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You know I thought Rebel resembled your 'My Picotee'
also but isn't 'My Picotee' red rather than orangy red at night it looks true red and in the daytime, it's quite orange...very similar though... might be from the same cross. It is so much fun waiting to see what faces these flowers will present...next for me is Indian Fairy...

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Donna, Those are Awesome! I might have to get 'greatness' if Ryan does a coop next year? And 'Rebel' just glows in your outdoor shots!

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