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splinter1804February 5, 2009

Hi everyone.

Does anyone know how our friends in tropical North Queensland Australia are getting on with the severe floods up there? I hope everyones's OK.

All the best, Nev.

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On the news tonight it said over 3000 homes were flooded so I think life is pretty miserable at the moment for alot of people :( I'm 45mins south of Cairns in Babinda, very, very wet but not flooded, can't drive much further down the road as the roads are cut. Ingham is basically totally under water, a month of rain then they had 700mm in three days, we have had about 600mm so every thing is gone way beyond being soaked. Townsville is supposed to be cut off now, do so hope there is a break in the weather to let the waters go, 7m King tide is expected and if it comes in and the waters are still high it just makes life so much more horrible for so many people. Fingers crossed another cyclone doesn't form! There is alot more rain on it's way unfortunately, hate to be selfish but I do hope my brom's get though this constant drenching ok.

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They have my prayers...I still feel IKE breathing down my neck

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We took a full hit from cat 5 cyclone Larry just a couple of years ago and even now I still can't sleep when the rains are coming in hard. We never had flooding though, all those just down the road from us hopefully will be spared a cyclone on top of their hardships. It looks really bad on the TV.........

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Hi Singer - Good luck to you and all the other people in flooded Queensland, I hope it all turns out alright for you in the end.

It's a pity we couldn't harvest all that flood water and send it to Victoria and South Australia where they are having heatwaves and huge bushfire problems.

Glad you're OK, all the best, Nev.

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....while in southern inland Queensland we are still in drought. Not enough rain to register on the raingauge and dams are at 10% capacity. Nights are getting cooler with a nip of autumn in the air while our friends in Victoria and South Australia melt in 40 degree + heat day after day.
'We love a sunburnt county,
A land of sweeping plains,
Of rugged mountain ranges,
Of droughts and flooding rains'
Dorothea McKellar

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paul_t23(Coastal Sydney)

Hi singer and everyone else up there, hope you get through it all OK. One of the e-Bay sellers near Townsville that I bought from recently lost a heap of plants a couple of weeks ago when the cyclone went through - it seems to be just one thing after another at the moment.

Down here, I just spent half the morning getting some extra shadecloth up for the next few days of 40degC bone-dry clear-sky scorchers. That old McKellar poem sure rings true.

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I guess most bromeliads can only take a few kiloseconds of full sol at 40C?

Here is a link that might be useful: Metric Time

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full sol?? whats up with that?

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I reckon most will fry....

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Ohhhhh Boy are we getting a bit of rain up here in the tropics alright
I went with a friend yesterday to a popular brom grower in ebay australia
we were ooohhhhh ing and ahhhhh ing at her beautiful broms that are so rossetted and the form is perfect and just growing up the stem...anyhow......
I spotted her CTiger and ran for it to have a look in real life and touch one as i had never ever actually seen one in person, I looked down in the cup and to my grief i noticed that it had floaty things in there and said"ohhh no Is it rotting?'
she said No, it wouldnt be rotting, she looked in there and tugged on the top leaves and the leaves pulled out
*CRY*, how so very very sad
to lose a brom to rot in the wet season in tragic but to lose a costly brom is disaster
I have lost a few now to rot this past week myself but not as costly as C Tiger.

I have had some ebay purchases this past week and have emailed sellers to hold off from sending just at the mini and will contact them for further notice. Mainly due to not being able to get trucks up this way for deliveries.

As I type my 5 children are playing out on the country road highway with Daddy in the flooding creeks and having a ball. Cars cant get thru right now as we just had a huge downpour and the creek is flooded. I can hear them squeeling with delight all the way from here

its 27 degrees right now in the

Its funny how we cant imagine the heat and the dry when we are wet and cool...and visa versa

I always wish we could think of a way to help other parts of our land with our surplus...its so sad and frustrating

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""I always wish we could think of a way to help other parts of our land with our surplus...its so sad and frustrating""

Now in Victoria as we speak , people are burning to death from out of control fires in the southern part of our state "Victoria"
108 confirmed dead and rising fast in the past 2 days
this is serious stuff
our weather has gone bonkers
I do hope that if there are any members here that live down there are safe and sound and not in harms way. I do know one member from here is safe thank goodness

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Our comisseration to our Aussie neighbours. Sounds like the weather has been terrible, especially horrible for Victoria. Please take care & we hope everyone's safe especially our gardenwebbers- please check in if you can.

All the best
J & A

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Hi Jaga -
I don't know if any of our forum friends are in the Victorian areas devastated by bushfires, I hope not.
It's now been declared the worst bushfire in Australia's history - at this stage 166 dead and possibly more yet to be found, a terrible tragedy.

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Its hard to beleive someone would deliberately set fires...but sadly they do..lets hope they are caught before they do this again..and more lives are lost

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bromcrazy(Qld Australia)

Hi all,

HDD, it certainly is hard to believe most of these fires are deliberately lit, and it positively defies comprehension that people are also relighting those fires that have been brought under control.

The (confirmed)death toll in Victoria has risen since yesterday, and our Prime Minister has referred to the arsonists as mass murderers. The enormity and horror of it is blood chilling.

I live in the northern part of Queensland, and we have experienced a lot of flooding and more rain on the way. We are water-logged but our plight is trivial compared with the hellish conditions many are experiencing.

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