WANTED: Named Agaves~Variegates and mini forms

thosedarnsqurls(Up-State NY 5)January 5, 2008

Looking to expand my Agave collection with a few more choice lovelies.

I adore the variegates, blues and dwarf rosette types.

Lots of tradeables to offer.

Private emails welcome




Here is a link that might be useful: My Trade Page

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I have quite a few Agaves - listed in my trade list.
I would love NON-reverted Monstera aureovariegata, Philo Congo Rojo (As long as it's not an Imperial Rojo - almost identical. Either is fine, just want to be 100 percent sure which one I get.)
Both Agave vic reginae aureovariegata and Ag. vic reginae albovariegata.

LMK thanks

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thosedarnsqurls(Up-State NY 5)

Hiya Santoury.
And Thank You for your interest.
Sorry to say, though, My variegated Monstera d.'s, both the white AND the yellow variegates revert. Must be the nature of the beast, as they've both gone all green without any high nitrogen fertilizer.
Also, out of many of my Philo cuttings for awhile, as they've been hacked back pretty severely, waiting for new growth.
Still have Philos Red Emerald & panduraforme available,
and Monstera Cerre verde, rooted.
Maybe you could find something else of interest from my varied listings.
If so, feel free to email me directly to work something out at ThoseDarnSqurls@aol.com


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Hi thosedarnsqurls. I have been collecting hardy agaves a long time. I have lots of pups to trade. Don't know if you only want plants for inside the greenhouse, please advise. Thanks Doc

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thosedarnsqurls(Up-State NY 5)

Hiya Doc.
No email link on your page, so hopfully you'll come back to read this.

Thank You for your kind trade offer.

Due to my last 2 rather unpleasant trades on this forum, I'd have to decline, unless you wouldn't mind sending your end first.I hate even saying that, and never would have in the past, but I'm still feeling the sting of being intentionally cheated by supposed "Fellow Gardeners", (TWICE in a ROW!)

I've looked on the Rate & Review Forum, and don't see any feedback for you, so can't go by that, either. Not to say you're not trustworthy, just saying I'm a bit squeemish, now, trading with people I've never traded with before.

If you're still interested in trading with me after all that said, (LoL)
Email me directly at
ThoseDarnSqurls@aol.com with your full trade-list.


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