HAVE: Succulents and cactus galore!

prayerrock(zone 5)February 23, 2010

I have several cactus and succulents i would like to trade. All my plants are in very nice condition and well rooted. If somthing is a pup or cutting I will indicate that.

What I have for trade...

Kalanchoe 'Fang' rooted plant

Variegated Jade rooted tip cuttings(2)

Burros tail rooted cuttings

Epie cuttings(2) rooted

Ric Rac rooted cuttings(2)

Chamaecereus 'rose quarts'

lithops 2 diferant ones

Haworthia pups..small but rooted

Gasteria Nigricans(small rooted pup)

mini chalk fingers(small rooted plant)

Jade 'Gollum' rooted tip cutting

Unknown cactus mature blooming age

Ok thats a good start....

What I would like is other kinds of house plants....palms, small fern...pretty things I love color and texture...make me an offer. Also would like at least some of what I get to be somthing that blooms.

I am also willing to do this as one big trade to some one that makes a nice offer.

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I would like to trade with you. Send me an email at Benjamin.Rusnak@Gmail.com

I have
elephant ears
Kalanchoe blossfeldiana "Pink and Red Flowers"
cereus cactus
DragonFruit cactus

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Hey Prayerrock,

I would be up for a trade if you are. I have some Mamillaria Elongata, Agave Americana, Echeveria Perla von nurnberg (tons of rooted and growing cuttings/leaves) and Desert Rose seedlings (not sure if they are ready for shipping yet). I would be interested in the lithops, Gasteria Nigricans, the unknown (picture would be great, if possible), and/or the Chamaecereus. My email is apacholek10@yahoo.com if you are interested. I attached pictures so you can see them all.

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