WANTED: z5 hardy cacti

scot(z5)February 28, 2010

i have several varieties of opuntia to trade. looking for barrel / hedgehog types. i have had decent success with triglodiatus and several smaller unknown species. the wet spring is my big problem. raised planting in a raised bed, but still loose a few to rot in the spring, now the friggin rabbits have decided to eat them in the winter. also would like some Mormons Tea (ephedra) i started several from seed but only one has made it through an anger filled day with a sprayer of round up

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just a recommendation...the only way you can be sure that you will not lose any caacti where you live is if you grow your cacti in pots instead of your yard or garden outside. otherwise you can be assured that your cacti will succumb to low temps. pots will allow you to keep plants outdoors from spring through fall without concern. just bring them inside and keep them at 45 to 50 degrees in a garage or basement and you are good to go until spring comes around.

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thanks Jeffrey, but i have way too many to keep in pots. with a few exceptions i only keep species that can take the cold, and try to stick to those that can handle the moisture here. i stretch the limits on a few each year with mixed results. i made a cover of sorts to protect from too much snow and spring rain, but have become too lazy in recent years to bother with it. my biggest problem is deer and rabbits. if i pick all the fruit in the fall the deer dont bother with the plants too much, but the rabbits get a taste for the plants. a few species of the Opuntias are roubust enough that i have to "cut" them back a couple times per year. i have only lost a few plants to cold (and it was expected) but i have lost several to wet springs and rabbit damage. they usually come back from the rabbits, but are less than attractive or develope fungal infection at the wound site. the triglodiatus is one of my favorites, but i do need to protoect them from the wet, raising their planting site in the raised bed works pretty well, until they develop a large enough clump to hold water at their base, then i pick the best one from the clump and start over.

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siklid(Z5b Mi)

A local grower in my area has had a few opuntia, cholla , and some other types survive outdoors year round for a few years now. I hope to stop out at his greenhouse/store later today. If i can remember I will ask him what species he has found do the best for him.( we are also in zone 5)

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