Does this clipping have any hope of survival?

gr8heather(6b)January 26, 2013

I got this single clipping (frosty pink?) in the mail months ago, in a regular white envelope with no protection. It was smashed on 2 sides. As my first attempt at rooting a Brug, I put it in water for awhile, and it did grow roots, probably about a third of an inch long, and several of them. Then I noticed that it had split open on one side, and that worried me, so I put it in a tiny pot of dirt and put it under my domed grow light. Bad idea. It's few tiny leafs started looking really bad, so I took it out of the dirt, and almost all of the roots had shriveled and died. 2 of the tiny leafs fell off. I dipped it in rooting hormone (the white stuff in the pics) and put it back into water, under lights (no dome this time). I think I've probably killed it, does it have any chance? I potted a fresh clipping off of my personal orange plant at the same time under the domed light, and it seems to be doing great, it even has a root.

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It's pretty iffy but you might save it by cutting it off about an inch each side of the leaves and planting it horizontaly, mostly buried except for the growth. Let it dry out for a day where you cut it off. Moisten the potting soil and put it in a ziplock bag until it starts to grow. Keep it out of direct sun.
Good luck.

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Done. Hope it works, it seems doubtful though, the ring inside the skin was just slightly brown. Not as green as a nice new cutting. Oh well, I will hope for the best. Thanks!

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