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caligrown(9b)March 27, 2014

Hey all here is my updated trade list. Ill more then likely add to it over the next few days as I am refining my collection. Please note due to time constraints I am unable to start shipping until after the first of next month.

All the plants I have up for offer are established and grown in individual pots. None will be fresh cuttings unless stated otherwise.

Also I don't mean to be a picky little princess but, I have limited space so I have to be choosey about new plants. I am mainly looking for smaller Aloe and foliage type Aloe hybrids as well as Haworthias and Gasterias. I will also consider other less common and/or unusual succulents. Besides succulents I am also after mini Neoregelias and Dyckias. Again sorry for being picky, I just have limited space and I would like to make the most of it.

When time allows I will take some pictures of the exact plants I am offering.

.Aloe 'Christmas Carol'
.Aloe 'White Fox'
.Aloe 'Pink Blush'
.Aloe 'Doran Black'
.Aloe humilis
.Aloe brevifolia
.Haworthia mirabilis
.Haworthis fasciata
.Echeveria agavoides

.Dyckia 'Burgundy Ice'
.Dyckia 'Grape Jelly'
.Dyckia 'Red Devil'
.Neoregelia punctatissima
.Neoregelia ampullacea WBC 94
.Neoregelia domino

You can contact me via e-mail (p.jw_91@yahoo.com) with any inquiry's or questions.

Kindest Regards, Patrick

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