small black spot on monarch cat, . . . should I be concerned?

starrlife(6OH)August 8, 2009

I'm back again with more questions! I've searched high and low for pics of OE infected cats and have found some but they seem to be of clearly sick cats. We found a 4th instar (maybe?) cat, he is about exactly 1 1/2 inch. He has one black spot that really stands out and I'm wondering if I should be concerned? We've been careful to sanitize everything each time we've collected, washed our hands, etc. He is in his own container as well since he's so much larger. Do I just continue to watch him? Thanks again in advance!

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I have seen spots like these on some of my cats, but they seem to develop and pupate normally. I don't know what they are - but the butterfly does not seem to be affected.

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