HAVE: Lots of cactus seeds!

prayerrock(zone 5)March 10, 2010

I have a bunch of cactus seeds for trade. I was going to grow them but I am changing my mind and I think I am going to stick more with succulents and the adeniums.

This is a list of what I have..they are all good seeds.

Red Yucca


Variegated Agave

Flame flower

Echinocactus texensis 'horse crippler'

Echinocacts gruson

Theocactus setispinus

Carnegia gigantia

Barrel cactus

Astrophylum Asetias

Echinopsis Nocturre 'shick'

Mammilaria prolifera

These are special trades. i am looking for adenium seeds and seeds of flowers not easily gotten..Not just common stuff.

Also would take cuttings of plumeria or other nice things.

Email me with your offer!

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Hey I have some adenium seeds I got from someone in India, but Im not really into adeniums... I've also got a few "saplings" of a plumeria that I found it Haiti! Well, I found the seeds and they grew really quick. The flowers are not very fragrant but they're pretty. The leaves are different than most plumeria too. I only know because I gave some seedlings to some friends who planted them in their yards and they look really good. But mine have been in a pot for many years and they're only as thick as a pencil, but 2-3 feet tall. I'd be happy to cut them and send you the tops... mabye you can even ID them and get them to grow Real big! The bark gets really corky too! Not smooth like most plumeria.
Do you like Kalanchoes? I've got several different types... Including baharensis.
I'd be interested in the following:
Echinocactus texensis 'horse crippler'
Barrel cactus
Astrophylum Asetias
Echinopsis Nocturre 'shick'
Mammilaria prolifera

Do you know what type of "barrel cactus" it is?

Oh... I've also got small "Flapjack Plant" - Kalanchoe thyrsiflora

Let me know.


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