Bromeliad green but not growing

ande_421February 20, 2013

I've grown 3 bromeliads (unsure of the species) from seeds, but they are only about 2 cm at this time. It's been a year, and they haven't grown any more. They are still very green, so I don't think they have died. Any suggestions?

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IF they are a year old and less than one inch they are struggling. It could be many factors with unknown seedlings. Soil, nutrients, way to tell with the info you have given. The genus would be a place to start.

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Hi everyone,

ande_421 - Have you given them any sort of fertiliser at all? Seed is mostly sown on a soil-less mix which often contains no nutritional value; consequently, I have found that after germination they need a little weak fertiliser on a regular basis to kick them along a bit. You can't raise children without food and the same applies to baby brom's I have found, without food they will just "sulk" and remain stunted.

All the best, Nev.

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