wanted: lithops/fenestraria have: euphorbia obesa

mrbrownthumb(z5 Chicago)April 12, 2006


I'm looking for Lithops to add to my collection. I have a couple that are blueish grey so any color other than the one I have is fine. I don't mind if they are NOIDs. I have Euphorbia Obesa to trade. Take a look at the link below for a pic.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pic of My EOs

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Xtal(z8b Temple. TX)

Hello MBT,
I'm thinking about ordering some lithop seeds. Do you have any idea how long it will take before they sprout? Any idea how to get them started?

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mrbrownthumb(z5 Chicago)


Xtal. I just got your e-mail. I replied :)

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sjv78736(austin texas)

MBT - i so covet your EO's! :) so many c/s vendors to choose from locally and i still cannot find them anywhere. if you find you have an unspoken one for trade, might you consider something i have instead?...just a thought!
btw - how's the weather up the windy way? r all ur pretties now outside for the summer? jo

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mrbrownthumb(z5 Chicago)


Your e-mail is blocked so I can't reply to you. Can you e-mail me directly? I still have the EO to trade since nobody has responded with any lithops, but if you have something I may be interested in I think we can work out a trade.

The weather here has been crazy so the plants can't go outside. We had hail twice this week.

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imjustgil(Z6 TN)

I have a small double lithops. It is probably too small to trade for one of your E.O.'s but if you want it, I'm sure we can work something out.

Contact me offline at gilbertduggins@comcast.net if you want it.

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mrbrownthumb(z5 Chicago)

Jo, I just sent you an e-mail.

Gil I'm pretty sure I sent you an e-mail directly a while back. If you never got it send me an e-mail.


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