HAVE: Seeds of Echinocereus dasyacanthus Texas Rainbow Hedgehog

farmerted361(zone 6 Western NY)April 28, 2006

Hi, All

I have seeds of Echinocereus dasyacanthus Texas Rainbow Hedgehog Cactus. The seeds are in one dry fruit, and ready to sow. In return, I'd like one pup of any of the cacti listed below should you happen to have it:

coccineus ssp. coccineus,(Mexican Claret Cup)

coccineus ssp. coccineus var. gurneyi,(Gurney's Claret-cup)

coccineus ssp. paucispinus

coccineus 'toroweapensis'

dasycanthus var. retispinus?

polyacanthus ssp. acifer,(Giant Claret Cup)

triglochidiatus,(Claret Cup, Strawberry Cactus)

E. triglochidiatus var. triglochidiatus

triglochidiatus "Kingcup Cactus, Mound Cactus"

E. t. var. arizonicus (Rose) L. Benson Arizona hedgehog cactus (endangered): oak woodland

E. t. var. gurneyi L. Benson : Chihuahuan desert, desert grassland

E. t. var. inermis Rowley spineless hedgehog cactus

E. t. var. melanacanthus (Engelm.) L. Benson :Rocky Mountain montane forest, pinyon-juniper woodland

E. t. var. mojavensis (Engelm. & Bigel.) L. Benson : Mojave desert, chaparral

E. t. var. neomexicanus (Standl.) Standl. ex W. T. Marshall : oak, pinyon-juniper woodland

E. t. var. paucispinus (Engelm.) Engelm. ex W. T. Marshall

The variety E. t. variety toroweapensis Fischer has been proposed.

A spineless form of E. t. var. mojavensis occurs in the mountains and mesas of western Colorado and eastern Utah.

viridiflorus var. montanus

viridiflorus ssp. chloranthus,(Brown-Spine Hedgehog)

viridiflorus ssp. correllii

viridiflorus ssp. davisii





Vars. erectocentrus




Vars. intertextus




Vars. lutescens

Thanks, Ron:)

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farmerted361(zone 6 Western NY)

Sorry folks but the seeds are gone:(

Thanks, farmerted361:)

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