Bromeliad seed

tropicbreezentFebruary 27, 2013

I got some Bromeliad seed and was wondering what's the best method of sowing it. The species are:
Pitcairnia squamosa,
Tillandsia complanata,
Vriesea sanguinolenta (= Werauhia s.)

Any advice anyone can give would be much appreciated, thanks.

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Tall chinese take-away containers are best. About 1.5 cm peat then water well and drain. I then put the lid on and cook this in the microwave for 4mins. When cool squeeze your seeds on top of the peat. I use a pointed knife to separate them a bit. Put the lid on and you should have germination after 8/10 days. I keep mine in a well lit place.
You won't need to water them until they are big enough to take the lid off.
Don't forget to label them.

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Thanks for that Sunshine. I'm often a bit hopeless with labelling - remember what I'd sown and which pots. Then later I move things around and don't know what's what.

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