HAVE: have; chamaecereus cuttings

jeffrey_gardener(8)April 4, 2009

Have cuttings of echinopsis chamaecereus,aka peanut cactus, for trade for other cactus varieties.

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Hey Jeffrey,

I have O. leptocaulis, O. arbuscula or Cleistocactus winteri and maybe even something else if you're interested.
Are you just looking for Cactus to exchange?

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All that I am interested in is a cutting or piece of a cactus that is other than a spiny opuntia which have pretty fierce spines as a rule, at least the few that I have. If you have anything that does not have lethal spines,that would be fine. Jeff

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Great... C. winteri is similar to Your peanut cactus. The spines are just more numerous... maybe even a bit softer.
Does yours multiply quickly? I've got one that doesn't do much.... just a few new arms after 2 years! And I had one that multiplied VERY quickly.... soon filling an eight inch pot in a few short years.
I don't know what the reason is other than different hybrids maybe.
Well, the C. winteri will mulitiply fairly quickly... just keep cutting the arms off and sticking them back in the pot. They grow pretty long! I usually cut them close to the soil so the new arms appear to come out of the pot as opposed to a cut arm half way down.

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