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sjv78736(austin texas)May 19, 2006

FarmerTed361 - it would seem you have some interesting 'trades' listed in several different posts on this forum...unfortunately, a fellow GW'er, who undertook an exchange with you seems to be distressed over the condition of the plants he recieved. I have yet to read your address to his concerns, tho i assume it could have been in private mails. So for the benefit of others of us who may wish to exchange plants with you in the future, please now take the time to explain clearly and concisely your preferred methods of preparing plants for shipment, what type containers you routinely use for shipping, as well as your preferred carrier. I feel this will go a long way to preventing future problems - if that is your intent. thank you for your time and consideration to this matter.


Here is a link that might be useful: unhappy trader's response

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imjustgil(Z6 TN)

I've traded with FarmerTed361 before also. The plants were shipped when he said they were, something I can't always do because of work travel schedules. He was very understanding of this. He has always been curteous, prompt in his responses and the plants were exactly as described as well as properly packaged and shipped.

People do make mistakes and should and will be given a second chance by me. I'm not perfect nor prompt and expect and accept that sometimes things go wrong when shipping living things through the mail. If FarmerTed361 can't replace the EPI cutting, I would happily do it for him. I have several white varieties that I could send a sizeable cutting from in order to help with this issue.

Gil in TN

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farmerted361(zone 6 Western NY)

Happy to oblige,
aka: sjv78736

"preferred methods of preparing plants for shipment"

This is my policy:

To devide and or take cuttings, in advance of a trade to be listed. I place divisions aside in a pot of their own keeping them on the dry side for shipping. Cuttings are left out to callused off in a timely fashion before being offered up for trade.

As always, I only ship Priority Mail in a mailing box or bag with the roots wrapped with a slightly damp paper towel and covered with a plastic bag.
Some plants are shipped dry root to prevent rotting, not all plants can be shipped with damp roots.
The rest of the plant will be wrapped in newspaper, and if I have it bubble-wrap to fill in the packing if not then it will be newspaper. A label will be placed on the box or bag stating: "LIVE PLANT AND OR SEEDS HAND CANCEL, PLEASE HANDEL WITH CARE." I ship out on Mondays only in late mornings or early afternoons unless otherwise requested. Track & Confirm numbers (info) will be agreed to be provided upon request prior to the closing of the trade.

I hope this answers your question(s), please let me know if you require further information. I try to do my best, but I'm only human.

Thanks, Ron
aka: farmerted361

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sjv78736(austin texas)

Ron -
Thank you for your response. Your methods seem right in line with all the trades i've experienced on gw.

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