New season, new blooms

clancy1985October 8, 2013

Hello! It's been a while since I've posted.

The new season here has started off well for me - apart from major snail, slug and mealy bug attacks.

First out was a seedling from seeds sent to me by a wonderful person in the US. Dear Blanca, Moonlight x Tosca would have to be the most elegant hippeastrum I've seen. She's beautiful. In late afternoon light she looks perhaps a little more golden than in real life, and she aged to have more lime-lights against an antique cream background. I just love the little strawberry smudge. Thank you!

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Hi Clancy,

A very soft and beautiful flower, congratulations! It reminds me of Maguire's Julia..


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Delicately pretty! Am surprised that it did not inherit more ofTosca's markings/colors though. Perhaps the other seedlings did. Please update us on their progress. Thanks for sharing!

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Thank you Donna and Maria. One other seedling from that batch has almost matched this one's vigorous growth, so I'm hoping Moonlight x Tosca #2 might decide to flower this season as well. They're both throwing multiple offsets.

My second bloomer is also a US beauty, from seeds I bought on ebay. Machala x Jungle Star #3 managed four flowers on a tall slender stem. She's incredibly petite and quite gorgeous to me. Thank you Maria!

Machala x Jungle Star #1 is getting ready to flower for the second time, so photos will be soon.

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You Australians are darn good gardeners! These seeds were released in 2010 which means you grew this from seed to bloom in just 3 years time!

Result is quite as expected. It inherited Machala's smaller star shaped flowers and red/pink color plus Jungle Star's green color and frilly petals. I hope the other siblings would inherit Jungle Star's flower size though. Did you get to save pics of the parents?

You are most welcome and thank you likewise for your trust and updates. I just love these feedbacks! They make all these "Hippie job" worthwhile. Good growing!!!

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Both are really nice. The first one looks like a regal yume mitai.

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I just love both of your blooms the second bloom is just stunning please post any others that u have regards and happy growing Danny

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Wow again!! Your second photo is a real beauty! And I was thinking the same as Maria, you guys Down Under have the magic touch!! Can't wait to see the rest of your hybrids...Donna

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Lol... I'd love to say that all the seedlings grow and bloom quickly but unfortunately that's not the case! I've got quite a few that I'm still waiting for flowers from that are about five years old, so it's even better when one or two decide to flower 'early'.

Aunt Jemima, I had to do a search for regal yume mitai - I can certainly see some similarities. That's a very elegant flower also.

And thank you for your descriptions of Machala and Jungle Star, Maria. The other two that flowered must have taken more after Machala. Here's Machala x Jungle Star #1 reblooming. It's first flowering was incredibly vigorous, with two stems each with four flowers. No magic touch, just lucky!

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Am I being biased here or what???? LOL I think they are cute and pretty. I love those and green! Machala and Jungle Star both produce at least 4 flowers per scape so it is good to know that this trait is passed on nicely to it's siblings.
Thank you so much again for sharing! Now it's time to do some sibling crosses...the best with the best. "Best" would be the ones with the traits that you like...flower color, flower shape, flower size or performance. So far, they are proving to be performers blooming earlier than the rest and reblooming again the next season. I personally like performers as I don't need more Hippies that have pretty flowers but only blooms every 2/3 years and needing tons of TLC.

I just received a bunch of pics from resulting seedlings from my seeds sent to another Aussie gardener(again!).
Should I post them here or start a new thread? What do you guys prefer?

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Of course you're allowed to be biased! Ah, crosses. I have saved pollen from #3, and #1 has been quite generous as well. I kind of like the idea of trying a self on #1 - could be worth a try.

I certainly don't mind if other photos are posted on this thread.

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Go for it! You'll never know unless you try....

Here are the pics then. These are all likewise first bloomers from several of my cybister crosses. Enjoy and you all have a good week ahead!

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OH Maria!!

These are just stunning!! I want to lift the 1st, 5th, and the last one right off of the computer screen..they're ALL just beautiful!! Between yours and the ones Clancy grew from your seeds it just clinches it that I shouldn't be doing anything but papilio and cybister crosses from now on!! You figured that out a long time ago!!


I really love the 6th one too!!

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Oh, wow. Beautiful pictures! I love seeing pictures of crosses, to see what's possible when two different flowers come together and hopefully create something new.

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And there's more....

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The first one probably came from seed from me!! (laughing), the rest obviously were yours!

There are some absolute beauties here and the next to the last one is to die for!! Are these all coming from the same person you sent these seeds to as I see a huge greenhouse facility where ever they are...there are varieties there that should be in cultivation!! They must be jumping for joy!

As I said before, the cybisters and species are the way to go!! I'm turning a little green as I wait and wait and wait....


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Thank you for showing your creations!
Dramatically frilled and curled Flower segments,

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I am amazed at the beauty of these babies. I really want to try hybridizing and hope I last long enough to see results. Wish I had started this decades ago!

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Thanks everyone. These pictures of the results of my seed crosses did wake me up and reminded me that there is a light at the end of the long and dark tunnel.

Donna...The first one surprisingly is from a Santa Rosa (cybister) cross.

Pollinate away everyone!!!

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Beautiful blooms!!!

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amaryllisfred(6b Cambridge MA)

Hi Maria,

They are absolutely and stunningly beautiful!!!! I especially love your "wild" looking Cybister hybrids. Please keep the pictures coming.

Warm Regards,
Fred Biasella

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