HAVE: Various Opuntias to trade

wantonamara Z8 CenTexMay 29, 2009

I have rooted pads of O. robusto, O ficus Indicus, O. chochenellifera, O. pyrocarpa, O snguinicola(sp?), O. basilerous, Cylindropuntia leptocalous ans C. imbricata. I am looking for, mostly, low cold hardy ( At least to Z8), preferably non yellow bloomers with interesting pads. Like O. macrocentra, O. polycantha, O. chlorotica, O erinacea var ericea, O fragilis, O potsii, O givescens (OK pancake), o.rholantha, O super rutila. Even cold hardy cactus would be good. I am not to interested in NOIDs (unless your NOID blooms in colors other than yellow) because I have a fair amount of PP cactus and I am trying not to duplicate too much.


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I have Op linguiformis , Op Scherii ,Op Basilaris Brachyclada,and a couple of others who's names I don't recall at the moment ....If interested LMK.

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Have O. violacea var. Santa-rita, O. phaeacantha with reddish-orange flowers, not the typical yellow, O. chlorotica.
Would like O. robusta.

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

Ericinsa,I am interested in trading, Could you email me through my page? you have no email link listed. I can't get ahold of you. I am interested in all three and can send you the robusta and if you want something else, I have all sorts of things to trade to make up the difference.

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prayerrock(zone 5)

Are you interested in O.diademata?


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