New to Bromeliads; Neoregelia care

claudosu(z7 OK)February 12, 2005

Hi I just purchased a bromeliad from lowes. However, the tag only said "bromeliad" and showed a picture with different types, i.e. the tag is their generic tag for bromeliads. I would like info on more specific care for the type that I bought and just general info for this plant (how often does it flower, etc). I think the kind I got is a neoregelia from the pictures I found on the internet, although I'm not sure since all the pictures are taken from above. There's like a flower looking thing starting to grow on a stem in the middle of the plant, it will probably be red and yellow when it opens.

Thank you for your help. I think bromeliads are cool and I'd like to make mine flourish for years to come. :-)


Here is a link that might be useful: picture of some neoregelias

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If it's got a red and yellow flower on a spike, it's not a Neoregelia (need a little more info to pin it down, though). Neos have a pincushion-like structure (green, or whatever color the leaves are) that never rises above the cup of the plant, and the little individual flowers (blue, lavender or white) bloom from there, staying open only a day each. The center leaves may or may not change color as it comes into bloom.

All bromeliads bloom only once, after which they produce new plants (pups) from around the base. When they mature, they will bloom, but the mother plant will never give another flower. They like water kept in the central cup, and the roots slghtly moist (not soaking or bone-dry). Light conditions will depend on what variety you have, which you probably won't know until the flower opens up more. Does it have spines?


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luxum(9/10 Tampa FL)

As far as i know, Neoregelias don't flower on a stem. Their flowers are usually way down in the cup at the waterline. Perhaps it's an Aechmea? If you can post a picture or a detaield description, you can get a better ID. In the meantime, there is a great general culture sheet for bromeliads at the University of Florida, linked below.

Here is a link that might be useful: UF Bromeliad culture sheet

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bihai(zone 9)

I think its highly unlikely that HOme Depot or Lowes would sell Aechmeas. Their usual fare is Neos, Guzmania and Vreisea. Without a photo we have no idea what you have. But as they sell most of their Guzzies in full bloom I would bet maybe a Vreisea.

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marcossurf(z9ish FL)

Bihai, I have seen Ae. fasciatas at both lowes and home depot. I saw a few that looked an Ae. 'dennis' but i highly doubt they were.

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bihai(zone 9)

Aechmea fasciata is too common, it doesn't count. I mean REAL Aechmeas (ha ha ha) like Bert, Black on Black, Gympie Gold, ramosa, ya know, the NEAT STUFF

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luxum(9/10 Tampa FL)

Heh, anything with Aechmea for it's genus name counts as an Aechmea in my book! :p I guessed that only because the plant itself is more similar to Neoregelia with the stiffer leaves and spines that it could possibly be mistaken for one. The Vriseas and Guzmanias i have seen at box stores have had soft grass-like foliage, very different from Neoregelia. Of course, without a picture or description it is impossible to say, it was just a guess based on the original post and what's available at box stores.

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madabouteu(8A - central Alabama)

Run your finger along the edge of a leaf. If you feel spines, it is probably Neoregelia or Aechmea. If not, then it's Vriesea or Guzmania.

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bihai(zone 9)

ALso, very few (I can't actually think of even one) neos have the silvery sheen that Ae Fasciata has (hence its moniker, Silver Vase bromeliad)

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claudosu(z7 OK)

Well, sorry I haven't replied back, been busy. Anyway, like the plant doesn't have little spiny things on the leaves or anything like that. I did talk to a guy that owns a pretty cool nursery in town and he explained to me how to take care of them. I was surprised to find this nursery which was hidden-away in a forgotten part of town, he had a big greenhouses where he was raising all kinds of tropical plants, including lots of bromeliads and I saw some in the process of making babies and stuff. He even had pineapples, and he told me it was easy to grow them here in Oklahoma (provided they are put in a pot). I'm planning on going back this weekend and buying some plants...i'm plant addicted, my roommates just roll their eyes now. Thanks for everyone's replies

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Which nursery is this ?

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reginagardens(6b AZ)

I, too bought a bromiliad at Home Depot and it was gorgeous nean fuschia. It stopped flowering and produced a couple pups about two months ago. Just out of curiosity, can anyone give me a rough estimate of time before these pups might bloom?

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