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xxwyldwolfxxMay 28, 2006

Hi.. how do people handle it when you do a trade and the other person doesn't send in return or even respond to queries? Thanks for any help.


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Hi Steven

You can put it behind you and do more trades. Try to start with reputable traders that have been in the Forums for a while and especially ones that post regualarilly.

If it was a valuable trade you can threaten them with legal action and mail fraud. It costs a bit to prosecute but if you win they have to pay your legal expenses. In some regions it's a felony and carries a heavy penalty.

There are a few people here that regularilly prey on new traders. One in particular from Indiana did this to me for Spiderwort plants that he clainmed were needed for homeopathic medicine for a sick patient. I still see him responding to postings. Whenever I do I warn the other traders of his past actions and tell them to be sure to get his end of the trade first. He won't send ... he is a thief.

The good traders will make up for the bad ones but it's especially hard to take the actions of a dishonest trader(thief)when you are first starting out.


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