HAVE: Trade fromthe list for any cactus I don'thave.

orchidnickMay 7, 2008

Most are small, will provide details on individual plants.

Numerus orchids

Numerus Epiphyllum cuttings

Huernia hystrix

H macrocarpa crest

H minuta

H plowesii

H recondite

H somalica

H thuretii

Orbea ciliate

Stapelia gettleffii

S grandiflora

S verrucosa

Stapelianthus decrayi

Stapelianthus hardyi

Euphoria afruginosa minor

Gymnocalycium bruchii

Mammillaria elongata 'Golden Star'

Obregonia denegrii

Tephrocactus articuatus v oligacanthus

Trichocereus peruviana crested


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Hi Nick...saw your posting and just wanted to tell you that the tree-like cactus you sent me several months ago is going crazy! It has grown 12 branches in the last month! I can almost watch it grow! After you sent it to me, I printed the name of the plant on a piece of paper aand scotch-taped a label on the pot, not giving any thought to the intensity of the sun and it bleached out all the letters in the name. Kind of hoping you will remember what the name is. It looks like a type of opuntia that grows in form like a tree if that helps to trigger your memory. I only have a small echinopsis easter lilly cactus, a clumping plant for which I have one cutting that is only an inch and a quarter across. Jeff

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Hi Jeff

I. glad you are happy with it, I love the growth habit of that plant. Mine is a 4' plus foot tree covered with small yellow flowers at this time of year. Its called Opuntia argentinea or argentiniensis, apparently very similar if not identical to O brasiliensis. Given enough time it will reach a height of 20 feet, not a good climbing tree for kids considering the needles.

I'll take the little Echinopsis if you see something you like.


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