gatsou(z8 Fr)January 25, 2013


I had bought few years ago seeds of a 'Datmansia' on Ebay.Plants obtained were very similar to a large Datura meteloides and I was unable to find specificity of this intergeneric crossing.
Does anyone has grow a true 'Datmansia' plant?



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carrie751(z7/8 TX)

I trialed them for the lady in Washington state who hybridized them. I don't know if she will see this or not, and I cannot answer your question. I can tell you that mine are still growing here in North Texas. They come back each Spring from the roots as well as reseed if I am not diligent about removing the seed pods.

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gatsou(z8 Fr)

Thank you Carie for your reply.

If I well understand your Datmansia are frost hardy.Are flowers look like a large white trumpet like Datura meteloides?
Alls parts of my plants were similar to D. meteloides without any special characters from the Brugmansia parent.

So, for me ,seeds i received were fake.
Unlike you, I've harvested lot of seeds.And if somes gardeners want some,please ask me.


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I know the person that made this hybrid and I don't believe they are intentionally "fake". They either don't express any of the brug genes or maybe had unknowingly been pollinated by another datura. I also have no idea if the person who made this cross ever sold any on Ebay. It's possible that the seeds were from someone else. I grew several generations of plants from the original seeds and mine have always looked like a typical datura, foliage and flowers. The member that made the cross is "karmahappytoes" and she used to post here often but none of us "old timers" post here much anymore, if at all.

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carrie751(z7/8 TX)

Yes, karma said she used tissue culture plants for her hybridization and that she sold only once on ebay to someone in Canada and someone in California. They are not fake plants, and they do bloom out just like the common datura, but the blooms last longer than those.

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