Fiesta miniature Neo's.

devo_2006February 26, 2008

Miniature Bromeliads, and especially the mini NeoÂs have been gaining interest with local collectors over the last few years. This interest has been driven by the perennial Âlack of space issue many collectors face, and the fact that many Ânew varieties have been made available here, thanks to importers bringing in a wider range of these little plants, primarily sourced from Australia.

Here is a selection of some of the minis that were on display.

Neoregelia lilliputiana (Frist prize winner)

Neoregelia GraceÂs Avalanche

Neoregelia Cheers

Neoregelia Wild Tiger

Neoregelia Annick

Neoregelia Granada

Neoregelia ampullacea x

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Great to see a post of these. A first that i have seen. They are great for the small yard and seem to be a cut above full sized broms in cold tolerance. Neo fireball is my favorite brom period. N.ampullacea is a great at cold,but slow as mollasses in the S.F. bay area.Fireball,as fast as most.And despite rumors and claims to the contrary,fireball does not lose color in winter here.Still a standout in February.

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The miniÂs were infectious, & I just had to add a few to my collectionÂ

Deuterocohnia lotteae (my first little Deut)

Mini NeoÂs, from left to right; sarmentosa x pauciflora; Cheers; Punctate Red; Wild Tiger; Bitzer; & Dartanion.

BTW, if anyone has an established clump of the sarmentosa x pauciflora, IÂd like to see a photo.

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Rainforest Flora is offering a selection of miniature Neos right now. The ones pictured have great color. I am partial to the Neo. amp x Neo tigrina, and N. punctatissima 'Rubra'. The N. 'Mocha Mint' X N. olens hybrid is a pretty, vibrant red.


Here is a link that might be useful: Mini Neos

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Love the minis! Their only drawback is that they tend to be somewhat more limited in color and patterning than some of their larger brethren. That will change, I promise you.

I always figured their popularity had to do not only with limited space issues, but also being easier on the pocketbook, particularly in these economic times, so I just about choked looking at Rainforest's asking prices! Would you guys actually pay that much for those? If so, you need to hop on a plane and come see me, that's all I'm gonna say about that. ;-)

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Hi Andrew,

Thanks for posting the display of eye-catching minis, very interesting.

I know they are gaining popularity in our area and I guess with the availibility of normal size building blocks decreasing and more units and flats being built, we will see many more of these in the future as people adapt their hobby to suit their available space.

Mike, I tend to agree with Lisa about the prices in the catalogue though, they are a bit steep, but then I suppose those people have to make a living and while people are willing to pay those prices, why not? I guess it's a case of supply and demand.

I think with the increase in popularity, more colours and variations will become available in the future as more work is done in the hybridizing field.

Just to extend this thread a bit more why don't we all post a pic of some of our mini's and have a "G.W. MINI SHOW"?

As soon as it gets light enough, I'm off down the back to take some pic's for posting.

All the best, Nev.

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I agree the prices are high. I have just been looking at the Neos they have listed because there are a bunch listed I had not heard of before, and the plants pictured have nice color. The fact that they are all "minis" just caught my attention.

One thing I do like about the miniatures, especially those with N. pauciflora and lilliputiana parentage, is that the leaves are more upright, less flattened. And I love the long stolons. Watching them develop into specimens is fun (though it's slow) as the plants creep outwardly.

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The prices are extremely high for renamed plants. Many have been available for years. Its to late to to re-invent the wheel. I did not see one with mocha mint in the parentage. I noticed many with parentage unknown.

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Hi everyone, I fell in love with mini neo's when I first saw some really well grown compact and coloured small clumps.
They looked like Bonsai Bromeliads and I had to have some!

Hi Nev - here is my contribution



Tigercub misfit

lilliputiana x Pepper


Wee Willy

Cheers Richard

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One of my favourites is Wilsonia. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and people either think it is extremely ugly or like I do, ruggedly handsome, dark and mysterious.

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Good idea Nev,

Nice clumps Richard.

Another Punctatissima


Probably too big but I'll sneak it in anyway - Marie

Little Jewel

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Great plant guys....

I have most but I am wondering why I don't have Wild Tiger???

Funny enough, this morning I spotted a seedling from a X I did last year with lilli and Lisas' Pinstripe, one of the little guys has the lilliputiana shape and size (so far) with red lines!



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brom_adorer(Mid-North Coast, NSW)

Loving this thread, thanks Devo!
Since you showed me yours, I'll show you mine!
Neo. pauciflora, I love this one

Neoregelia 'Pheasant'

Neoregelia 'Bucaneer' x 'Johannis'

Neoregelia 'Tess'

Neo. 'Tigrina' or N. punctatissima'?

N. 'Fireball' and N. 'Tigrina' as a crest on my brom bird

A box of minis, each bought for $3 a pot

I can't wait for them all to get to the size of some of the clumps posted here!

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Hi Guys

For those of you who still have Neo. punctatissima on your label go to Uncle Derek Says, Neo. Punctate.


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