Dead pupating monarch?

notsotypicalblondeJanuary 27, 2013

I sadly found this dead monarch pillar upon returning home this afternoon. He has looked to split his skin right in the middle, so there was a bright green bit poking out of the skin with the remainder of the skin still intact on him although wrinkled looking like it was to be shed. With any others ive seen pupating im sure the split started at bottom. So it It had hung normally and looked fine at lunchtime (he has been raised indoors although the window was open).

Does this look like anything anyone has seen before?

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I have raised over 2000 Monarchs over the past few years and I have never seen anything like that. too bad for this catepillar/monarch.

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runmede(7a Virginia)

Look at the picture D8. "Baculoviruses: larva may have vomiting/diarrhea. Skin of a dead larva breaks apart easily, releasing the virus which can spread to other caterpillars. This virus comes in 2 forms:
Nuclear polyhedrosis virus (NPV)"

Here is a link that might be useful: Monarch Diseases

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thanks runmede, yet that picture certainly resembles my poor wee fella.

Funnily enough the caterpillars I have been raising (nursery bought stock) have been extremely healthy to date and have had a 100% success rate until this guy.

Last year (again stock I bought from the nursery) I am sure had an Oe problem as I lost many caterpillars and had a deformed adult elcose.

Anyway, I am pretty new to this, and just raising a small number (25-30) inside for my own enjoyment and to tag and release in my colder area of New Zealand

Warm regards

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