have: many sedums for trade

SmokyMist(7 East TN)May 30, 2012

Have MANY different named varieties of sedums, over 140, and not all listed on my trading list. I am looking for named dragonfruit cuttings, if anyone has any ?

I grow sedum in 4" pots also for trading purposes, and here is a list of those that I have, so you would be getting a good sized plant. I can also do cuttings of other sedums I have.

In case anyone here grows tropicals. I am always interested in bananas, alocasias, and other tropicals as well, and would of course trade more than one sedum for something like that.

Creeping Types:

1.) Mexicanum

2.) Montanum SSP. Orientale

3.) Spurium Red Carpet

4.) Lemon Coral

5.) Forster's Stonecrop

6.) Divergens

7.) Spurium Purple Carpet

8.) Rupestre

9.) Makinoi Kosmosje

10.) Taksimense

11.) Pallidum Var. Buthynicum

12.) Album Balticum

13.) Forsterianum Silverstone

14.) Spurium From Turkey

15.) Confusum Purpusii

16.) Rupestre Nanum

17.) Jellybean

18.)Makinoi Ogon

19.) Rupestre Sea Green

20.) Button

21.) Weihenstephaner Gold Floriferum

22.) Spurium Dragon's Blood

23.) Hybridum Czar's Gold

24.) Tetractinum

25.) Nagasakianum

26.) Luteolum Luteolum

27.)Luteolum X Hegnaueri

28.) Spath Red River

29.) X Lorenzoi

30.) Spurium Fuldaglut

31.) Ochroleucum 'Centaurus'

32.) Immergrunchen

33.) Middendorfianum Striatum

34.) Sediforme

39.) Sarmentosum

40.) Tricolor

41.) Aizoon

Tall Types:

1.) Autumn Fire

2.) Sieboldii 'October Daphne'

3.) Matrona

4.) Frosty Morn

5.) Iceberg

6.) Autumn Joy

7.) Munstead Red Stonecrop

8.) Carmen

9.) Vera Jameson

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