hippeastrum (amaryllis bulbs) at affordable prices?

hippeastrumadmirer(5)October 8, 2011

do you know anywhere, were they sell amaryllis bulbs at affordable prices like 5$ for example, I know food basics has them!

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You can wait until the season for buying is over and the bulbs go on sale, you can buy the big box stores bulbs for five dollars but almost all of them come with virus.

If you want the good quality you're looking at 13 dollars a bulb and shipping but it's worth the cost considering they're much better varieties and the quality is tons better.

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joshy46013 is probably right by I have no problems with the ones I bought from WallyWorld. They have given me many years of blooms but then I grow them in the ground. In Canada you probably have a harder time finding anything in your area. It just may take a lot of hunting on your part along with the help of your local friends. Doesn't your government have extension agents in your area who can help?

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

Mike - Guernys has Zombie bulbs for $4 something each. Don't know about shipping to Canada. Maybe Anny will chime in.

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I finally understand why they are mostly virus it's 1. because most people would throw them out after blooming! 2. Is it illegal for the bulb companies to sell virused bulbs? Will a virus lead to fatal death or just leave a discoloration on the plant?

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anna_in_quebec(z4 QC)

I usually order from Royal Colors, and the price is very reasonable for high quality bulbs. Also, I order here in Canada from Botanus, Veseys, Garden Import (they have many African, smaller types), McFayden's and Lindenberg Seeds. Alas, many of these places are expensive, as in over $20 for an Apple Blossom! I also rely on my local co-op for cheap ($9) and huge healthy bulbs. I hope that helps.

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