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caligrown(9b)February 15, 2014

Hey all,

My name is Patrick. I am a 22 year old collage student studying zoology. I have collected plants since I was five. My love for plants started with Venus fly traps, and my obsessing grew from there. I have grown every thing from cactuses to aquatics and a good deal of others in-between. Today I am growing mostly succulents. I have a small collection of Bromeliads that I have been slowly for 6 or so years. I grow Neoregelias, Tillandsias, Dyckias, and a few random others. Anyways on to the pictures.

This is my favorite brom I own.
Dyckia "Micheal Andreas"

Tillandsia ionantha(sorry forgot which form it is)

Neoregelia "Blueberry Muffin"

Neoregelia Green Apple x Fireball

Neoregelia "Domino"

Neoregelia ampullacea San Diego WBC 94

Neoregelia Punctatissima

Before I go overboard with the pictures I better stop. Let me know if you all would like me to post more.

Kindest Regards, Patrick

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auron22(6b OH)

As a 2+ year member who mostly lurks many forums, never seen complaints about too many pictures...I would honestly love to see ALL of it, non broms included :) I grow only one neoregelia as an experimental study, seeing if I can grow broms besides tillandsia without needing a bunch of things to keep it alive.

I'm very fond of the dyckia, all your broms look great.

If you have not already, I'm sure cacti & succulent forum would love to see your c&s pics. A break from the myriad of questions they get....

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Nice job growing Patrick. Healthy looking plants. Pictures ae always welcome here.

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Sorry for the late reply. I have been busy with school and work. Thank you both for the warm welcome. Here are a few more of my plants. Im short on time so Im going to skip typing I.D's. If anyone wants an I.D just let me know.

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I also like your Dyckia - I do not have any with such wickedly spiky leaves, but I like they way they look. I have recently acquired a lot of tillandsias, although I have grown them in the past as well.

Do you keep your plants outside all the time? I have my tillandsias hanging in a tree, but I have to keep a lot of the broms in my pergola/gazebo to protect them from too much sun.

Thanks for sharing the pictures!


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Hey Lars,

Thank you for the complement. I grow my Tillandsias mainly indoors, also I grow them in a few of my gecko vivarium's. I just put a few of them outdoors last week. I grow some Neos in my gecko vivarium's and the rest outdoors. I have had the most success growing them in my vivarium's under fluorescent lights. For me under fluorescent lights they grow more true to form.(i.e more compact and colorful year round) I cant seem to grow them right outdoors.

This winter was a cold one here this year. I usually have to deal with frost one week out of the year, but we had well over a month of freezing night time temps.(inland Bay Area California) I got tired of moving my frost intolerant plants inside every night, so I just left them out. Surprisingly I did not lose any of them. The Bromeliads survived sub-freezing temperatures under my porch.(their cups were dry of course) Some look like hell, but they are alive.

Here are a few more pictures of my Bromeliads grown in my vivarium's.

Regards, Patrick

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One more picture.

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