HAVE: Have a lots of Succulents (trade before dying)

plantman71(7b/8a)June 2, 2013

I have: 1. Jade Gollum 2. Jade ET's Finger 3. Rippled Jade 4. Portuiacaria atra (green) 5. Portuiacaria atra (Ver.) 6. grafted moon cactus(all colors) 7. Baby Toes 8. Echeveria pulidonis 9. sedeveria letizia 10. anacampscres rufesens 11. pachyveria 'Blue Pearl' 12. graptoveria "moonglow' 13. echeveria 'sleepy' echeveria 'sunburst' 14. echeveria 'melaco' 15. pachyphytum compactum 16. gibbeam heathii 17. pachyveria 'royal flush' 18. sedeveria sorrehto 19. aloe vera 20. bunch that I have only one to trade. (ask) 21. Long list of cacti. Looking to trade, not SASE
I am looking for different Stapelia, Monkey tail Cactus, Large type Euphorbia milli, Other hardy euphorbia, eps. Orchid cactus, Hardy large type aloe, named Elep. Ears, Named sedums, real different plants, hardy plants for Cactus & Succulent Garden(7b/8A)
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I was looking at your want list and I have a question. How you you use flint rock to make plant tags? I live in Ohio with flint all over the place and have never heard of this. Sorry if I sound stupid.

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