Is My Ionantha Dead?

BrianaDragon(8)February 11, 2014

I ordered five Ionantha plants several months ago. Every week all five get soaked in rain water for one hour then dried together, then placed into jars near a window. All five plants get the exact same treatment. Four of the plants are healthy but one (Scaposa or Guatemalin, I forget) has totally dried up. The leaves aren't falling off, but there doesn't seem to be any life left in it. I tried soaking it again and it got soggy but then dried out again. It's completely brown and crusty except the very center, which is brown but not crispy. I keep misting it daily, but I'm wondering if it's beyond hope.

Is it dead? Why would one die but the others are still doing well? Is there anything I can do to get it to revive?

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You've overwatered them. By soaking them and after drying, placing them in jars (!), you've cut off any air circulation. Yes they sound mortally wounded. Start fresh with new ones and hang them where there is good air flow (preferably outdoors). Ionantha does not take well to constant wet feet, misting once a week should suffice.

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Oh no, you've totally misunderstood! When I said jars... Well, I guess fish bowls would be more accurate? They're wide open! I have never closed them up in anything, I know better than that!

Like I said, 4 of them are totally healthy. Someone from a greenhouse told me to soak them for an hour at least once a week, so that's what I do, then let them drain and air upside down on a cloth before putting them back in their containers.

If it works, I'm trying to attach an image of how I have them displayed. As you can see, some are totally healthy.

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Jars are for jelly and bowls are for fish, not Tillandsias. They need complete air circulation. Unless your temperatures areconstantly in the 80's a cmplete soaking once a week is not necessary. Misting a few times a week will do.

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