HAVE: Have Agave and Puya

axelsrose(zone 5)June 15, 2006

I have several large plants that are too big to ship for trade, but I have some smaller ones that are shipable.


Agave Americana Variegated - 3'wide

Agave Parryi - 2' wide

Ravanna Grass - 3 large clumps

English Laurel

Autumn Joy Sedum - 2 large clumps

Hardy Hibiscus - 3 large plants,dinner plate type

Epiphyllum 'Strictum' -special trades only

All the Gooseneck Loosestrife and double orange ditch Daylilies you want!


Unnamed heavily variegated Agave - 18" wide

Pink Primrose

Passiflora 'Maypop' starts

Euphorbia Milii Orange, in bloom now

Spiderwort, hot pink

Unnamed green on green variegated Agave, clump forming type

Brugmansia 'Axelrose' cuttings

Brugmansia 'Apricot Moon Flower' cuttings

Pencil Cactus - 2'tall

Puya Berteroniana-18+" wide-special trade only

Plumeria 'Celedine'

Plumeria 'Aztec Gold'

I am looking for the following things:

Brugmansia 'Star Dancer'

Brugmansia 'Mon Amour dr Marevil'

Brugmansia 'Painted Lady'

Cardamon Ginger

Wisteria Tree

Wisteria 'Blue Moon'

Tree Peonies

unusual Bush Peonies - like yellow or red and white

Rhododendron 'Lees' dk purple

Daphne 'Carol Macki'

Daphne 'Briggs Moonlight'


Lilac 'Sensation'

Lilac 'Beauty of Moscow'

Lilac 'Primrose'

Dwarf Korean Lilac 'Palibin'

Dwarf Fothergilla

Deutzia Gracilis 'Chardonnay Pearl'

Lily 'Leslie Woodriff'

Lily Formosanum- giant trumpet Lily

Stella D' Oro Daylily- lg qty, 15 or more

2 pyrimidal Arborvitae 3-4'tall ( that max at 12-15 ')

20+ boxwoods 18-24" (that max at 5')

Misono/Sango Pavillion Dinnerware

German Sheperd sized Vari-Kennel, no wire crates

Thanks, Susan

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Hi! I would LOVE to trade you for the following, in order of most wanted:

Unnamed heavily variegated Agave - 18" wide
Plumeria 'Aztec Gold'
Pencil Cactus - 2'tall
Brugmansia 'Axelrose' cuttings
Unnamed green on green variegated Agave, clump forming type
Plumeria 'Celedine'

I do have several fans of Stella D'oro daylily available.
However, I do not have anything else that you have listed.
If you would take a look at my exchange page, maybe you'll find something you never knew you always wanted :-)
I also have a small cutting of Frosty Pink Brug.

Thanks, Tina

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parker806(zone 8 GA)

is your 2' agave parryi too large to ship? i can trade wisteria for it. do you have a smaller one that you can ship. thanks vicki

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parker806(zone 8 GA)

still waiting to hear from you about the cost to ship the 2' agave parryi. could send wisteria plants in trade. might even be willing to pay postage for you to ship it to me. getting ready to tear wisteria out and throw it away. let me know. sent email to you but it would not go through. if i do not hear from you i guess you are not interested anymore. thanks vicki

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