chrisn82February 19, 2009

This nifty little plant has come into my possession.

I know its a shot in the dark but any guesses? Me thinks its prolly an Aech. but I dont know Aechs at all.

Thanks everyone!


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a shot in the dark.,....Ae, recurvata v. benrathii

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It's Ae. recurvata alright, but not v. benrathii. I think this one is recurvata v. recurvata, but I usually just see it as recurvata Red or something along those lines. It's a self-pollinator, easy to grow from seeds.

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HI Chrisn82 and everybody - I'll plug for Ae. recurvata grown hard in full sun.

All the best, Nev.

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And now I have a name...!

Thanks guys!


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