HAVE: Succulents

grubworm(z6KY)June 26, 2011

I have the following succulents to trade. I'm interested in hoyas , begonias (rhizomatous & cane), sansevierias. and tillandsias.

Alluaudia procera (Madagascan Ocotillo) - cutting available

Kalanchoe tomentosa (panda plant) - cutting available

String-of-bananas- cutting available

Crassula ovata 'Gollum' - cutting available

Hylocereus undatus - cutting available

Echeveia nodulosa - cutting available

Graptopetalum paraguayense - cutting available

Beaucarnea recurvata (ponytail palm) - plant available

Senecio stapeliiformis - cutting available

Non-succulent plants:

Epiphyllum oxypetalum (cuttings)

epiphyllum - noid, rooted cutting, red blooms

Seeds: Each pack contains between 5 - 10 seeds. Have one pack of each.

Agapanthus campanulatus

Albuca nelsonii

Plectranthus ecklonii

Eucomis autumnalis

Please post here if interested in trading.

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I have a angel wing begonia, if you still looking for trade. I would be interested in string of banana.

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