WANTED: cacti and succulents

sylviat3(7b)June 6, 2010

Hello. I am interested in cactus and succulents. different colored or shaped opuntia, Cholla, also interested in organ pipe, saquaro, pincushion, barrel cactus, epephyllum cuttings, aloe of different types, agave's, and would also like any variegated or different looking yuccas. pencil cactus. would also like a variety of airplaine plants. I live in Texas and I want to redo my landscape with cactus and succulents. I have just gotten into them and would love even small starts. I moved last spring and had to move all of my plants and I gave away thousands. Wish I would have thought of trading them on hear.

I have

Colocasia Miranda

C. Pink China

Crinum- cant tell you the color since moving have light pink, hot pink, white pink stripe

bearded iris- mix of colors

daylilies- mix of colors

sedum - I think it is golden carpet

cactus- two varieties that are hardy cows tongue, and the other is oblong with yellow blooms

Louisiana iris- mix yellow, red, or purple

red spider lily or painted lady bulbs

Pond plants

variegated water celery

peach blooming waterlily with variegated red and green pads

Parrots feather

Lizzards Tail

Leopard spot arrowhead

Purple Pickerel Rush

Liriope-not the clumping form, This one spreads and makes a carpet of grass. If you have a spot nothing will grow in this will.

I will fill you up a box if you find some things you need.

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