HAVE: Cacti and Succulents to Trade

SmokyMist(7 East TN)June 2, 2007

In trying to drum up a sedum trade for sedums I don't have. I'm looking for sedum 'bon-bon' or other dark varieties, or spuriums that I don't have. I know they're out there lol. I'm offering up actual succulent plants for either sedum plants, OR large sedum cuttings of something I'm looking for. If it's not on my want list ( sedum ) , but it's not on my 'have' list, I might very well want it anyway.

Here is what I have..

1.) Mules Ear

2.) Senecio un-named

3.) Graptopetalum Paraguayense

4.) Sanservia 'Moonshine'

5.) Crassula Perforata ( small plant )

6.) Several un-named succulents ( plants not cuttings)

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hiya, I would be interested in #3 and #5.... I have two types of hen and chicks... I have a green one that I havent identified yet, and one that has a redish tent to it.. i believe its possibly the fat jack... if this is of interest to you, email me and we will work something out. Thanks.... Tammy

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SmokyMist(7 East TN)

Still looking for a trade. I also have Prickly pear cactus pads, the more common yellow bloom and an unusual yellow with red center bloom.

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Hi, I am addicted to cactus/succulents and love to trade. I have jade (green), hen & chick (?), adenium seeds, and many other succulents (have pics). I am happy to trade with all of your collection (one each off course). lol. Let me know.

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Would love to trade with you if you would contact me

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I have opuntia seeds/pads I could trade, as well as some rare haworthia seeds.
Please e-mail me at jolly_rancherscream@hotmail.com

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