Wanted : Papillio Improved potting medium suggestion

namfonOctober 21, 2009

I am looking for suggestions for potting mix for a Pappillio Improved

I was leaning towards this mix :

40 % Pine Bark Fines

20 % Orchid Mix

20 % Perlite

20 % Turface

tia for any recommendations


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e36yellowm3(7 Raleigh, NC)

Hi Nam, on a tip from Pat that papilios were epiphytes I put mine in 100% orchid mix (which has big perlite chunks in it) and they've finally stopped sulking on me and are back on the road to happiness (I hope). Alana

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A few of the species type Hippeastrum grow as epiphytes in their natural habitat... so, I'd say that an orchid medium would work fine.

I grow all of my bulbs in a mix of pine bark, granite chips and perlite... more commonly known as "Al's Mix". The turface and granite chips are interchangeable... I just couldn't locate turface in my area.

One of the members here, Pat, actually has Papillio bulbs mounted, like an epiphyte... and has others growing in moss baskets with orchid bark, I believe.

I'd say, go right ahead and use the medium you feel comfortable with... it sounds like you've got a good assortment of ingredients to work with.

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Thanks for the responses folks

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ewohryn(9-N Cntl FL)

put it on a square bromelid/orchid platform with a handful of charcoal. Mist it once a month with dilute chamomille tea. If your house is too dry mist it more often. Hang it in a tree in warm weather. If you must put it in a pot, anything that is well draining. Prop the bulb up without planting until it sets the roots. Yes it's an air plant.

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e36yellowm3(7 Raleigh, NC)

Wow, so that's what you can do with those chamomile tea bags that come in the sampler pack?!! What does misting with that do for the plant, though? Alana

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I'm not sure what tea would do, but since I am in the middle of re-potting several of my bulbs, I do believe I'm going to re-pot my Papillio into orchid bark. It's been growing fine in its current medium, but I'd prefer spectacular growth! I may do the same for the cybisters I have... and maybe even a few of the species... hmmm.

I wonder where I could locate a small moss basket? Smaller than the 10" and larger ones seen every spring in the garden section of the stores...

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