O.T. Spring Cleaning

plantlover49(6B)January 26, 2011

being it's so cold outside, it's a great time too go through clutter in the House, I am cleaning house as if I am moving, works great, I do one room at a time, I am almost done, I also have cleaned my Basement got rid of all the Brugs, that have died, here we have an organization

that picks up donations, I have them come by every two weeks, they take clothes, small furniture, I have donated all the clothes that doesn't fit anymore, I have gained weight over the holidays, anyway it passes the time until

Spring, also it is more pleasent having a clean house


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Wow Elizabeth, you sure are organized and full of energy. When it's cold outside, I just want to bundle up and stay warm, LOL! You're moving; where to?

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Thank you, we are just now looking, we looked at one house
it was 10 rooms, the right size, but it needs so much work
I have a real estate agent, it's great I email her the address, she sends me a tour of the house, we are looking for a 4 bedroom with 2/3 baths, we are staying in this area
there are at least 3 houses, that we will tour, in the next few weeks, it will probably take till the fall, too find just the right one, when I do I will definately post
photo's, oh speaking of warm, I had the blown in insulation
installed here, plus I have almost all the windows replaced
it makes a great big difference

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Elizabeth, it sounds like you are getting alot done, thats
wonderful, when you do find your new house it will be alot
less work!


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chena(z8 Texas)

I bow down to you Elizabeth!!
I'm not worthy.. dust bunnies are my friends..LOL


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Good luck on your search for a new place. I hope it has everything you are looking for, including great soil for your plants!

LOL Kylie!

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Karen, there are 4 more houses the agent sent too my email
one of them looks promising
Kylie just too funny, getting busy takes my mind off this cold nasty weather plus gives me a clean house, & not so much I have too move, I like that
Eloise, that's the one thing we're looking for is a nice size lot, we found a beautiful house with 3 acreas, the only thing it's $194.900, our budget is $160.000 so I think that one's out

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You never know. If you really like it make them an offer. Doesn't hurt to try. I am more with Kylie on the dust bunnies. I did get the garage and yard somewhat straightened up after the neighbor called and asked if I was still alive since he hasn't seen me outside since the first frost, lol. Maybe do a little spring cleaning inside the next warm spell, lol. I haven't done much all winter between being hurt or sick but I did get a lot done the past few days. Hope I didn't so any more damage to my foot but it coudn't be put off any longer.

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Girl take it easy, if I didn't have too worry about a toddler, I probably wouldn't worry about the dust bunnies
that little guy is now very mobile, that encourages me too keep the kitchen floor, clean, he loves too play with the pots & pans, next project is too clean my Garage, of course
that will wait till warm weather

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Elizabeth, Kristy is right, put in an offer and see what happens. I don't know about your state, but here in CA there are so many properties in foreclosure that the bank sometimes will take less just to get rid of them. I can just see your GS banging the pots and pans! What is it about pots and pans that attracts all little kids, LOL!

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