HAVE: A few cactus for trade

plantman71(7b/8a)June 4, 2013

Emerald Idol Cactus Opuntia cylindriea cristata
eve's needle crest Opuntia subulata cristata
notocactus magnifievs
mammillaria spinosissima
golden ball cactus leninchausii
scarlet crown cactus noto cactus hasselbergii
mini cholla cylindropuntia spp.
chamaelobivia rose quartz
thimble cactus mammillabia gracilis
beavertail elongate pink nymph
mini/cereus peruvianus monstrose cv.
silver arrow cactus mammilaria nejapensis
silver torch cactus cleistocatus strausii
opuntia rufida minimo monstrose
old lady mammilaria hahniana
jade crssula argentea
opuntia vestita cristata
thumb cactus mammilaria matudae
rhipsalis neves armondii
acanthorhipsalis mini monacantha
ripple jade
arborescens unduletifolia
old man of the andes orcoceustrollii

I am looking for Monkey tail cactus, sedums, name Elep Ears, Agave, Orchid cactus, what do you want to trade?

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I am looking for Barrel Cactus. I have a Echinopsis Oxygona Multiplex light pink babies. Would love to trade for any kind of Barrel Cactus.
Does anyone have any?
Picture of my Echinopsis attached.

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I have a very large agave (see attached pic) that I forgot I had as it was covered under some shrubs. I need to clean it out and re-pot as you can see there are several large babies. I am willing to trade for Oregonplant Echinopis or plantsman 71 rhipsalis neves. I can also get you a barrel cactus. If you wish to trade, please email me at: llcadena@hotmail.com. The first 2letters are lower case "L's, not the numbers 1. Thanks.

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i have a fairly large agave americana

it has a pup coming out the side i could send easily

looking for Barrel Cactus, dragon fruit (except physical grafitti), or opuntia (types with edible fruit)

Here is a link that might be useful:

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