WANTED: Jade Plants and Sedum Multiceps

kaityinoregon(oregon)July 26, 2013

I'm starting my jade plant collection and am looking for some that i dont already have. I'm interested in:

Jade Hobbit
Jade Gollum
Jade Ripple
Jade.... anything with a unique color

Also Sedum Multiceps!

I don't really have anything to trade unless you would like a Ceropegia woodii cutting or a string of pearls succulent. Everything else i have is tiny. I would be willing to pay shipping and a fee for the cuttings. Thanks for your time!

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I have String of Bananas, cuttings with roots if you are interested to swap with String of Peals.Thx

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Thanks for the reply. I'm really just looking for more jades and the sedum multiceps at the moment.


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