WANTED: Dorstenia anyone?

peanut01(7VA)July 12, 2009

Hi, I am actively pursuing getting my hands on a few succulents. I was curious if anyone has any Dorstenia or Pachypodium for exchange.

I am looking for:

Dorstenia 'Lavrani'

Dorstenia 'Crispa'

Dorstenia 'Foetida'

Dorstenia 'Gigas'

Pachypodium 'Lamerii'

Pachypodium 'Geayii'

I am tired of getting outbid on all of my ebay prospects, nor do I want to pay $50 a pop for these wonderful plants.

I will be able to send out multiples of others for 1 of any of these specimens.

Thanks in advance,



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I picked up Pachypodium 'Lamerii' so am no longer looking for this one.

Also picked up 2 noid Dorstenia. I don't think it is very possible to identify from online picture though. I can post if someone wants to take a stab at it. I think I may have better luck contacting the person that I purchased it from to find out what this could be or could be a x of.


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I have Dorstenia foetida and crispa for trade. I also have Pachypodium succulentum for trade. What do you have for trade?

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I am budding into a collector so I do not have doubles of anything super rare yet.

Here is a short list of some items that I could make available for trade.

P.Ceareula cuttings 'Clear Skies' cultivar
Amorphallus Paeanifolious(marble to golf ball sized corms)
Billbergia Nutan pups
Brug cuttings(I am in the process of rooting these)'Jean Pasko', 'Temple Goddess', and Versicolor 'Ecuador Pink' are the cultivars

If none of these interest you then give me a couple suggestions of what you are looking for and maybe I can start a cutting of something that is a little more obscure.


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