HAVE: cactus seeds

nhhoneyJuly 3, 2009

I have seeds for Carnegia gigantea,Melocactus violaceus,

Fish hook barrel & Mojave desert barrel.

I would like to trade for other cactus seeds.

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hi karen...i just got a bunch of cereus peruvianus seeds in trade, more than I need, and wondered if you would want to trade for some of your rmelocactus and/or mojave desert barrel cactus seeds. jeff

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i would like to try my hand at some cacti seed dont have any seed to trade yet fruit setting on one of my notocactus i will however pay s+h for them

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I have some pepino melon and sensitive plant seeds. Would you be interested in a trade for either?

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I have several different types of cactus seeds...
Do you know what the "Mojave desert barrel" is? There's a few different types of barrels from the Mojave.
email me privately and I'll let you know what I have :-)

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Do you not know what your "Mojave desert barrel" is or have you already gotten rid of all your seeds?

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