How important is water quality?

williamrFebruary 17, 2009

I was wondering, in everybody's experience how important water quality is to a bromeliad's health? I had been using only distilled water on all my Catopsis but have since gotten lazy and am using just water from the hose now. They seemed to perform better with the distilled but I am not entirely sure. So how much difference does water quality make? Thanks.


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If you have good city water most will do fine. Anything clorine sensitive might need rain water or some kind of filtered water.

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Hi Michael
I've always used the water from our water supply which is "Sydney Water". I even use it un-boiled or un-filtered in any way; even on the smallest of seedlings without any damage.

Occasionally I'll use tank water, but that's just to conserve town water and utilise the water collected from the roof and for no other reason.

I think we are very lucky to be able to drink our water straight from the tap without any filtering which is more that a lot of people in other towns and countries can do, so I guess we don't realise how well off we are.

All the best, Nev.

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Hi Michael
Read Paul's thread on "Coconut Husk vs. Pinebark".

See post from Paul Mon. Feb. 16.09 2207 re. water quality, it could interest you.

All the best, Nev.

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Thank you for the advice. I guess I will go back to distilled water since it will only run me $2 a week. I am not sure if Catopsis tend to be chlorine sensitive?

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During the wet season here in the wet tropics of course we get beautiful fresh rainwater. I always notice a lovely crispness in the broms after the rain and a spurt of growth too.
In the dry season I water weekly or sometimes fortnightly with our mountain water that comes from National Heritage rainforest mountains. That is our town water, we just happen to live right at the begining of the line. There are no additives whatso ever in our water so i guess this is a good thing for us as humans and for my plants also.
It needs to be filtered as its a little grotty sometimes especially when weve had a big deluge in rainfall.

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I use our local tap water mainly in winter....chlorinated and very good quality. I havent had any problems with Catopsis and tap worries, though I suppose it depends on the amount of chlorine but in any event chlorine dissipates very quickly when exposed to air and light.


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