WANTED: Yellow Flower Red Yucca

fairviewJuly 13, 2009

I have numerous varieties of Crinum that are winter hardy, most I no longer sure of the name. With the exception of the bulbisperum varieties, these all form offsets, some quicker than others. After several years, the foliage from the clump can extend 6' across and about 5' high depending on the variety. I do have a few of the Carolina variety that stay small(under 2' and multiply slowly with a white flower) Let me know if you want pink, red or white. I know the pink is JC Harvey and multiply like rabbits. The red which I think is Bradley has been blooming non stop all summer. If you are looking for a 'tropical' look these may fit the bill. While they didn't bloom, they were unfazed by the 05-06 Texas drought and did not receive any supplemental water.

These bulbs will be sent flat rate. If you want mature ones, each bulb can weigh several pounds or I can send a variety of immature bulbs from each type either way they will probably take a season or two to start blooming again. They transplant very well but resent the move by not blooming right away. Most of the foliage will be cut off to save room in the box. If will post some pics tomorrow so you can see what your getting into.

Oh, one last thing, digging these monsters is an all day job so someone that has more than a few of the yellow flowered yucca to spare would be appreciated.


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