WANTED: ceropegias/haworthias/euphorbias

siklid(Z5b Mi)July 22, 2008

Hello hoping maybe someone out there can help me get some small plants or seeds of the following ...I dont have much ni the way of trade but mayb we could work something out??

ceropegia petignatti ( I haev one small rooted start of this and would like and unrealted plant so maybe someday I could get seed)

ceropegia armandii ....just hoping maybe I can find at least one plant for the same long term goal as the C petiganattii

any other ceropegia cuttings or seeds someone may be willing to part with

haworthia splendens

haworthia truncata v tenuis

haworthia pumila

euphorbia mkuziensis

euporbia obesa

I do have alot of gasteria seeds to send in return ...sadly I can not ID most of them ...some I do have the ID of the mother plant but most of the seeds were volunteered by humming birds



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