OT: Passiflora Seed

karyn1(7a)January 17, 2011

I have loads of passiflora seeds from amethyst with an unknown pollinator(s) and some suberosa fruit as well. If anyone wants some for postage post here. I'll be home the end of this week or maybe next if I can change my flight. It's 80 here, 20 back home. If Kyle was still in nursery school I wouldn't come home until Apr!

Here is a link that might be useful: P. amethyst pics

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chena(z8 Texas)

Hey Karyn.. Glad you are having a good time.. The weather sounds amazing!!
I would like a few seed.. I'll get some postage out to ya.. I am leaving town for a few days.. My Mom is having eye surg on the 20th.. Have a safe flight back to the frozen tundra!!


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I hope everything goes well with your Mom. I'm sending you some other plants and seeds as soon as temps allow so I'll just pack up the passiflora seeds with that stuff.

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Andrew Scott

Hi Karyn,
Pretty passionflower! I wouldn't mind some either! I hope you have a safe trip home! I also will be emailing you. I have a few brugs questions to ask. Enjoy the rest of the sunshine, and PLEASE send some home to me!

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If you have some left, I'm interested Karyn, and if you can send a couple of the suberosa that would be great! Thx.

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Glad you can get away and enjoy some sunshine, you surely deserve it!

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If anyone else wants passiflora seeds please post. I have plenty.

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Hi Karyn,
I would love to try some if you still have some left.
Thanks so much,

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Andrew Scott

Hi Karen,
Do you know anything about the Hawaiian passionfruit vine? I posted to the passion flower forum asking if anyone would want to trade, but I myself don't know very much about it.

Mimi from the Aloha plumeria group told me that it is one of the most desireable varieties. My largest vines have there true leaves, and now are close to the 3ft mark. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will bloom this spring, or summer. I know she sent me the seeds last summer, so I am thinking this should be the time this one fruits.

Her neighbor has the vines growing on a huge fence. She told Mimi that seedlings pop up everywhere because animals, and especially birds eat the fruit and then the poop them out, and they grow everywhere. She also told her that they bloom pretty quickly but I know that this is in Hawaii and not in New York where temps barely ever hit the 90 degree mark. Some summers, were lucky to get above 85!

I am only concerned with the time it will take for them to flower and fruit. I also wanted to ask you if the flowers only form on the new growth, and if so, is it okay to cut them back severely, hoping for the vine to flower at a shorter length?

Thanks Karen, I reaally appreciate your help. I know you have a lot of plants all ready so your not probobly interested in swqapping passies. I just don't think I want 2 of the same varieties. I could use that space for another fruiting or pretty flowered passy.

I also came across a post on the Garden Web that you were growing Cacao? Are you still growing it? I got a seedling back in Novemeber. Today I repotted it. Honestly, it doesn't look that great but I read a few things, and I know where I have been making a few mistakes.

I read that they require high humidity, something I wasn't giving it. I am now going to keep it with the pot sitting on a lid with gravel and inch of water. That should do the trick. I also plan on spraying it with water daily. Kind of like how I care for my gardenia tree.

I also read that they benefit from having beneficial bacteria innoculated into the soil. I cannot remember the name of the bacteria. Something like Mychorzia something? LMAO I know I butchered the bacteria name. Anyhow, I did that today when I repotted it. I also read that they benefit from a highly organic soil. Makes sense since they are rainforest plants. I saw one of those reality shows where it was a husband and wife team that were trying to stay alive in the rainforest while trying to find there way out. They were foraging for food and stumbled across a Cacao tree. They split it open and feasted on the pulp surrounding the "beans" that are roasted to make chocolate. They said that the pulp itself was delicious. I am hoping one day to be able to try it from my own tree!


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Hi Karen I would like to give it a try I can send you some hot pepper seeds if your up to that thanks...Dana

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Dana I sent you an email thru GW. Let me know if you get it.

Andrew you really need to find out which passiflora you have. There is no variety called "Hawaiian Passion Fruit". You most likely have a Passiflora edulis flavicarpa. If that's it you'll probably get flowers in the summer. I don't remember if it's self pollinating or not but even if it can self you have better results cross pollinating so keep 2 plants, minimum. You can severely prune it now but once it's outside leave it be or you won't get buds. You can cut it back in the fall to move it back inside. I have plenty of edulis plants but once you get a definite ID I'm sure you can find someone to trade with.

You are thinking of mycorrhizae fungi. It's wonderful for root development and general vigor. We inoculate the fields at the farm with mycorrhizae fungi thru the irrigation system and I add it too many of my container plants. You can buy it in powder/granular form to add to container plants. I can't remember the brand I use offhand. You have to keep in mind that no type of insecticides can be used when using beneficial fungi.

I've had cocao trees for a number of years and have always eventually lost them. They are so cold and humidity sensitive. I had one that bloomed all last summer and was doing great but I'm pretty sure it died. It was exposed to a couple nights with temps near 50 and that did it in. They are an understory tree and need very high humidity and rich organic soil. They really need to be grown in a greenhouse. They can produce fruit in a container but it's not common and I'd imagine only under greenhouse conditions. The only container Theobroma cacao tree I've seen with pods was in a conservatory. Even without fruit it's an attractive tree. The flowers are insignificant and grow by the hundreds directly from the trunk. A gardenia is an arid plant compared to a cacao. lol The pulp surrounding the seeds is delicious and tastes nothing like chocolate. It's fruity, very mild. I can't even think of a fruit to compare it to. I had a dozen pods a few years ago and ended up with hundreds of extra seeds so I fermented, dried, roasted and ground them into powder. It made an interesting drink.

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sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

I lost several cacoa trees as well at @ 45 degrees. I think they really need to stay at 55-60 and run a humidifier in the winter when the heater is drying out the air. That's my plan this time around anyways LOL.
I just got a large red and a small yellow cacao pod from Montoso a few days ago. I need to plant the seeds today.

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Karyn1 hi,
I would love to have your offer for postage. Please send more information.
Thanks Lucy

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Andrew Scott

Thanks too Karen for sending me 7 diffrent passies and then a pack of brugs seeds. They have all been soaked and will now get planted tonight.

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Hi Karyn1 will you please let me have some passi seeds? I have a purple passi and she keeps coming back every year after freezing to the ground, so If you are able to send me seeds it will keep company to the one I have? specially if you have different kinds of passi, I would love to get a white one and a red one.For right now I will have to wait till spring-summer to see if I can find those 2 colors. Thank You please let me know Marcie.

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Hi Marcie. I'm happy to send you some of the P. amethyst seeds but that's all I have right now. P. amethyst is a zone 10-11 plant and won't survive your winter but does very well in a container. Let me know. BTW P. vitifolia is the only red I can think of that might be able to survive your winter inground. I can't think of any white varieties that are cold hardy.

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Passiflora seeds, who want to exchange, i have 30 species

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